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Why You Need an Energy Audit When Buying a Home | Billy.com

There is a lot to do when you buy a home, and sometimes that means putting things off. Getting an energy assessment is one thing on your new home to-do list you should never put off. This assessment will help you better understand your home and save you money. Keep reading to learn more about why you should get an energy audit when buying a home.

Understand Energy Usage

You have a lot to learn about a home when you first move in, and an energy assessment can help you understand your home’s energy usage. During an energy assessment, a professional auditor will walk through your home and examine areas that may be leaking air and, therefore, energy. They’ll examine windows, doors, heating and cooling systems, and more to understand how your home is using energy and where it may be wasting it.

You can even request a more detailed energy assessment where an auditor will use special infrared equipment to examine where and how your home is using energy. When it’s over, they’ll share their findings with you, and you’ll have a better understanding of the energy usage in your new home.

Save Money

Once you know how your home is using and potentially wasting energy, you can make adjustments that will save you money. These adjustments can come with upfront costs, such as replacing windows or repairing insulation. You may feel like you’re spending more money than you’re saving at first. But most of these are one-time adjustments. When they’re done, you’ll save money on your energy bill for as long as you have the home.

Prepare for the Future

You only need to get a professional home energy audit every few years, so getting one done as soon as you move in means you can skip it for the next couple of years. However, if you make any construction changes or notice any problems during those in-between years, you should schedule another audit outside the typical time frame. This is especially true for older homes where builders were less energy conscious. If you don’t make any changes or notice any problems, all you must do is walk through your home yourself once a year and look for any problems to mitigate.

Now you know why you need an energy audit when buying a home. A professional energy audit will help you understand your home’s energy usage, save you money, and allow you to prepare for the future. Get this audit done as soon as you buy your home so you can safely enjoy your new home to the fullest.

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