Why Window Well Covers Are So Important

Window wells are very versatile types of property protection. They not only protect homes from a number of hazards, but also provide basements with natural light and fresh air. However, to take full advantage of window wells’ attributes, you should install a cover on each one you have. This quick guide will break down exactly why window well covers are so important for all applicable residential homes.

Window Well Covers Prevent Flooding and Leaking in Your Basement

If your area experiences excessive rainfall, your basement is at a higher risk of flooding. A flooded basement is a nightmare that all homeowners want to avoid. One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to use window well covers. Window well covers also prevent leaks from snow and ice. You might not think that snow or ice accumulating in your window wells is a big deal, but when it melts, you’re going to have a problem. With window well covers, you can prevent any ice or snow from entering your window wells during the winter months.

They Prevent Debris from Getting Inside

Aside from ice, snow, and rain, many other obstructions can find their way into your window wells if they don’t have covers. This includes leaves, tree branches, dirt, and other forms of hazardous debris. This might not seem like an issue, but once inside, this debris can clog the drain and hinder its ability to prevent flooding. Plus, accumulating debris in the window wells is just an eyesore.

They Prevent Kids, Animals, and Pests from Falling in

Teenagers or adults don’t usually have to worry about falling into window wells due to their shallow depth. However, if a child accidentally steps into the opening of a window well, they can be seriously hurt. Getting durable, heavy-duty covers will keep kids at ground level and out of harm’s way.

You’ll also be able to stop any critters and common pests from sneaking their way inside. If you don’t have covers on your window wells, bugs can crawl inside and make themselves a new home. Additionally, small critters such as squirrels, rabbits, and birds can sometimes get stuck inside window wells, meaning you’ll have to get them out—preferably with the help of a professional.

Many residential homeowners wonder why window well covers are so important, but not all of them know the answer. Covers prevent window wells from debris, animals, bugs, flooding, and leaking, and they prevent small children from falling inside. Best of all, covers prevent these hazards without compromising the quality of the fresh air and natural light that window wells deliver to basements. If you stay on top of necessary window well maintenance procedures, you can make sure your wells function to the best of their abilities for a very long time.

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