What You Need to Know Before Building a Pool

The time has come. You own your own house, and a pool has been a part of your vision since you can remember, especially since a pool can raise the value of your home. You are finally able to build the pool of your dreams, and you are probably excited to get started right away. However, you may need to wait a little longer, as there are a few things you should know before you even break ground.

Above-Ground or In-Ground?

Depending on whether you are building an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.

Above-ground pools take less time to assemble, but there are a few things that need to be done before it is ready to go. You need a flat space in your yard that, ideally, is not on an incline. There will need to be a bit of digging, as all dirt, grass, and other plants should be removed from the pool area. Since most above-ground pools are made from vinyl, you need something underneath your pool to keep it from being punctured. If nothing else, use a good tarp.

In-ground pools can take weeks to months to set up, depending on what kind of time you have and what problems you may encounter. There is a good chance that you will need to obtain a permit for building the pool. You will also need more materials, such as steel and concrete or fiberglass in addition to the vinyl lining. Some in ground pool have additional features, such as water jets or a built-in filtration system. If you are putting anything extra into your pool, you need to plan for them accordingly.

For either pool, you need to check local building codes and ordinances. Once you have that done, before you dig, you need to test your soil to make sure it is good enough to support a pool, as not all soil types will hold up long term. You also need to check to make sure you will not hit any sewer lines, water mains, etc. as you are digging. You will need to measure out the area where your pool will go. If you are hiring someone else to build your pool, you will need to find the right contractor. If you are doing it yourself, you need to do thorough research and ensure that you are building it properly.

Getting the Funds

Pools are expensive to build, no matter what type you have chosen. The average range varies from the thousands to the tens of thousands of dollars depending on the materials you are building with and the add-ons that you want to include. Not everyone has that kind of money in the bank, so you might find yourself needing to explore other options, such as borrowing money or getting loans for pools. Borrowing that much money from people you know may not be feasible. If you are not in the position to shell out the money, it is most likely that your peers don't have that money either, especially if you are looking at a higher cost. Loans for pools are common, but as with anything else, there is the potential to be scammed. Be sure to verify that your lender is legitimate before borrowing anything.

Have All of Your Equipment

There are a ton of things you will need to obtain to keep your pool clean and fun. If you pool does not have a filtration system, you will need cleaning and sanitizing agents. You will need a net to scoop out anything that gets in the pool, such as leaves or bugs. Steps or a ladder and any helpful ladder accessories will be instrumental for easy entrance and exit. Pool toys, such as floaties, noodles, rings and water guns help make the summer experience more exciting. It is also helpful to have accessories such as goggles, flippers and nose plugs for the swimmers themselves. A pool cover is essential for keeping the pool undisturbed while you are not using it, especially in the winter.

Everything pool related should be stored together, and with all of that equipment, you will need a good storage space. If you have the space in your yard, consider building a pool house or small shed to store everything in. If you do not have the space, make room in your house. If you can, try to dedicate an entire hall closet to the pool equipment.

How Often Does it Need to be Cleaned?

If you do not have a filter, you will need to clean your pool once a week. If you do have a filter, it needs to be cleaned once a month and the filter needs to be replaced every one to two years. It might seem a bit excessive, but cleaning your pool properly will prevent exposure to things such as E. Coli and keep you from suffering anything from an eye infection to respiratory failure.

Safety is Key

Proper repair and safety features are key when it comes to enhancing and maintaining a quality pool experience. Any cracks or leaks in your pool should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage. Having something on the side of the pool to grab onto will help with inexperienced swimmers if the pool is too deep for them. Lights on the floor of the pool will help with navigation and make it easier to see everyone in the pool at night. A fence around your pool will prevent unwanted intruders, and an alarm on that fence will alert you to anyone who dares to try and climb over.

Pools are a lot of work, both to install and to keep up with. It will not be an easy journey, but if you decide to jump in and build one, and are diligent about keeping up with cleaning and maintenance, it will be worth it, for yourself, your family and the value of your home.

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