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The arrival of spring means warmer temperatures, longer days, and plenty of sunshine. It’s also the perfect time to spruce up your outdoor living space. Here are some tips about what to include in your outdoor spring cleanup to ensure that your home’s exterior looks as great as your indoor living space.

Get Rid of Debris and Weeds

Get rid of any debris that has accumulated over the winter months. This includes leaves, branches, weeds, litter, and other assorted items cluttering up your yard. Even if you live in a warm climate, trees still lose leaves and drop twigs, and garden plants fade seasonally.

Invest in a good rake and garbage bags to do the job properly. For small yards, hand tools can do the trick; however, if your yard has large patches of weeds or debris, consider using a battery-powered blower for more effective results.

Prune Trees and Shrubs

Some trees and shrubs have a growth spurt as they come out of winter dormancy, while others need a severe spring trimming to encourage new growth. If you’re not sure which to do, reach out to a professional landscaping company to take care of this step of your outdoor spring cleanup. A professional tree care company should always handle tree trimming above shoulder height.

Proper tree trimming ensures that trees stay healthy and strong while providing your outdoor space with shade and beauty.

Pressure Wash Surfaces

Pressure washing is one of the most effective ways to clean up outdoor surfaces. Whether you’re dealing with a deck, patio, siding, or driveway, pressure washing removes dirt and other debris that may have built up over time. Be sure to use the right pressure and nozzle setting for your surface, as this will prevent damage while still providing a thorough cleaning.

Deep Clean Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can take a beating over the winter months, so give it a thorough cleaning in the spring. Before you begin, be sure to check your furniture’s care instructions to ensure you don’t damage the material or finish. Wicker pieces may require gentle scrubbing with a soft brush and mild soap solution, while you can hose off metal and plastic items with water.

Spring is also the time to include some essential decorations on your front porch. You could add a new decorative planter, a spring-themed wreath to your door, or new house numbers to give your home’s entrance an updated look.

Refresh Your Landscaping

Finally, don’t forget to refresh your landscaping by adding new plants and flowers. Consider planting a few annuals or perennials that will bloom throughout the season and bring color and life to your outdoor space. To help these new additions take root, be sure to dig deep enough so that they get sufficient water and nutrients.

When it comes to deciding what to include in your outdoor spring cleanup, keep your goal in mind: you’re doing what’s necessary to make the exterior of your home look fresh this spring.

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