What is a Surface Mounted Valve Cabinet

Every commercial building requires protection for its essential mechanical systems. They must also provide easy access whenever there is a need for checkups or repairs. If you are looking for added protection for your plumbing system, installing surface-mounted valve cabinets can make a considerable improvement. But what is a Surface Mounted Valve Cabinet anyway?


Surface-mounted valve cabinets are typically used if you need total protection on your building's critical fixtures. This product is manufactured with high-quality steel or stainless steel. It is also cost-efficient since it will allow easy access every time you need checkups on your fixtures, which will lessen the likelihood of spending a lot of money on repairs.


Importance of Surface Mounted Valve Cabinet


Valve boxes are an essential part of irrigation systems, and they are also one of the most overlooked parts of the system design. Valve boxes provide access to buried irrigation control valves. Irrigation control valves require access to perform maintenance and testing from time to time. Valve boxes also protect these essential components of your irrigation system.


In addition, Valve boxes can also give you extra security protections. Many valve boxes are customized with locks that limit access to unauthorized people. Daily, even water bills can cost a company a notable amount of money. Having the hose bib secured can prevent unauthorized use.


When selecting what type of valve box you wish to install, here are some factors you need to consider:




Using a smaller valve box will usually be a common mistake. Many installers also try to put too many valves in one valve box or use a smaller one than necessary. Smaller valve boxes are less expensive, but always remember that you will need plenty of space to access the control valve if you need to perform any checkups, repairs, or maintenance. Ensure that the valve box you choose allows you to have plenty of room to work.


Capacity for Drainage


No one likes to put their hands in a pool of muddy water when accessing their valve box. To prevent this, you can consider installing about 3 to 4 inches of pea gravel to the bottom of the valve box. It will create a way for water to flow away from the valve box quickly.


Keeping the Valve Box Off of the Pipe


When installing a valve box, make sure that the bottom is not sitting directly on top of the pipe. The base of the box must rest on compacted or undisturbed soil. If the valve box is lying now on the pipeline, it could cause a pipe to break if someone drives a heavy vehicle across the top.


Choosing to purchase your surface-mounted valve box for your commercial building is one of the smart investments you can put your money on. It not only allows your mechanical fixtures to have added protection, but it also allows you to have swift access whenever you need any inspections, repairs, or maintenance. You can contact your local contractor to help you choose the accurate valve box that will fit perfectly in your commercial building.


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