Ways You Can Spruce Up Your Summer Home

In honor of summer, it’s time to pack your bags and head to your vacation home for the next couple of months. At the same time, you’re probably wondering if the time has come to give your destination a facelift. Your summertime getaway gets much love during the warmer season, but it doesn’t get much love the rest of the year. Interested in ways you can spruce up your summer home? Keep reading for more!

  • Go on a Mini Cleaning Spree: A bit of tidying never hurt anyone! Some time might have passed since you last used your summer abode, and clearing clutter from a previous visit can make a difference. Use a dryer sheet to dust surfaces, and change linens to freshen up rooms.
  • Switch Up Your Decor: Bright and colorful patterns scream summer! Maybe you want to opt for rustic accents made from natural fibers and materials. Or consider adding nautical finishes to bring a summertime flair to your beach home.
  • Bring on the Greenery: Adding plants to your space provides an earthy touch to the decor and promotes cleaner air in your home. Consider low-maintenance plants that do well indoors. Once it’s time to leave the house, you can bring your plant babies back to your permanent residence.
  • The Outside Matters: The outside of your beach home is equally as important as the inside. It’s the first impression you give to your guests and neighbors. Nothing spruces up a home like a fresh coat of paint! And if you’re ready to add to your home’s exterior aesthetic, consider adding Bahama shutters to your windows that will give off all the right tropical vibes.
  • Incorporate Flowers: Flowers provide a beautiful pop of color to any room, and that can elevate its decor. Visiting your local garden center can provide options and advice on flowers that thrive during the hot season.
  • Add Fun Elements: For those with young ones, a tree swing can keep them busy for hours, while a firepit is a popular spot for adults to wind down after a day out in the sun. For summer homes with back porches, you can create an outdoor dining area to entertain guests.

If you’ve been slacking, summer is the ideal time to update. Your space won’t need a total makeover, but starting with these ways to spruce up your summer home can take it to the next level.

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