The Ultimate Home Office Setup Guide to Increase Your Productivity


If you have joined the ever growing population of remote workers you may have noticed that working from, while perfect for saving money on gas, is not always easy, especially when your work space is the kitchen counter or the living room coffee table.  

There are a few easy fixes you can make that will increase your productivity and make working from home easier and stress free.  


Make it a dedicated work space

When you work from home, it’s easy to let your personal life spill over into your work area and vice versa.  But mixing your personal life with your work life can lead to endless stress and a reduction in productivity.  If your living area doesn’t allow for a completely separate room for your work space you can divide areas more creatively.  Invest in a collapsible room divider, position furniture to make clear room designations, or even use large potted plants to divide a large area. If your home does allow for a dedicated work space take advantage of it.  Not only will it benefit your work life, it will benefit your home sale.  The trend of remote work has made a home office one of the top priorities for home buyers.  


Find the perfect desk

Desk space is an extremely important factor when designing a productive office space.  Of course your size of desk will depend upon the size of your work area.  If your work space is rather small, don’t overdo it on the desk size as this will limit your ability to move and will ultimately weigh down your room.  Instead, opt for a small desk that can hold your computer and technology but still give some elbow space.  You can utilize wall space and shelves for added storage around and above the desk.  


Improve the lighting

No one wants to go to work in a dimly lit space. Adding a large dose of the right lighting has been proven to improve mood and productivity.  If your workspace has window access, remove heavy blinds or curtains to allow more light in.  In addition to natural lighting, you can increase your work performance by adding a variety of artificial lights in the right spots.  Rather than use a single large overhead light, use multiple layers of lighting such as stand up lands, desk lamps, recessed lighting, or small spot lighting units. 


Invest in storage

Clutter is a huge disruptor when it comes to productivity as it limits your ability to maintain focus on work tasks.  Remove clutter from your desk by providing storage areas.  File cabinets are particularly helpful if your work requires extra papers. 

Don’t just toss papers into the file cabinet.  This will produce more clutter and make finding important papers difficult and time consuming.  Instead, create a filing system with separate, labeled folders.  In addition to proper filing of papers, keep work essentials such as pens, pencils, chargers, etc. organized.  Use desktop organizers or drawer organizers.  Wall shelves, wall calendars, and hanging storage baskets are perfect organization items because they do not take up valuable floor or desk space. Built in storage such as wall cabinets are a good choice if you are willing to put up with a bit of construction.  These types of built in storage areas are popular among buyers and will help you sell your home even in a down market.         


Add greenery

Just like natural lighting increases productivity, so does greenery.  Adding natural elements to your work space will improve focus, creativity, and a sense of calm which can reduce stress. Indoor plants are easy enough to care for, if you choose the correct ones.  Snake plants, spider plants, and pothos require very little light and only a once a week watering.  Indoor plants can be hung from the ceiling, used in a large floor planter, or simply placed on a shelf.  


Choose colors carefully

Red is known to be a color to increase creativity, however an entire work space of red walls will more than likely produce stress and anxiety.  Instead, stick with neutral tones such as cream, light gray, and soft white as your base wall color. You can also include muted greens which will benefit balance.  Add a touch of yellow if you need a dose of optimism or a bit of extra creativity and stick with blues for a touch of calm.  You can also add bits of color with sheer blinds, inspiring wall art, and furniture.  


Consider multifunctional furniture

Regardless of the size of your office space, you should consider convertible or multifunctional furniture.  Furniture that is multifunctional can save space and give you more room to work.  One popular piece of multifunctional furniture is a convertible coffee table.  If your office has space for an extra chair and a small coffee table you can use the area as an additional seating and work area.  This way if you have a coworker or even a family member who needs to get some work done while you are at your main desk, there is plenty of space. Most convertible coffee tables have a top that lifts up to become a desk with storage below.  

If your living area is very tight you can consider a collapsible desk.  These are generally attached to the wall and can be folded out when it is time to work and then collapsed back down when your work day is complete.  These are perfect for individuals who use a laptop or tablet for work or for those who simply need an extra area for writing or completing paperwork.   


Creating a productive space for working from home doen’t need to be expensive or complicated.  Find a quiet area, the right furniture, and storage solutions that work for you and you will easily increase your productivity.  

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