Tips to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer

With the summer season comes the desire to spend more of your time outdoors. The warm and sunny weather gives you the perfect opportunity to play with your kids, entertain family and friends, or just relax and enjoy being outside. These tips will help you tackle the tasks needed to get your lawn and outdoor spaces into great condition so you and your family can focus on having fun. 

Get Cleaning

After months of little or no use, you're going to want to do some tidying up. This includes both the lawn itself as well as your deck or patio. A pressure washer is a great tool to easily remove built-up dirt from the exterior of your house, deck, and sidewalks. Children's playsets and outdoor furniture should also be washed. Use a step ladder to clean out your gutters and conduct minor repairs. You can also string some lights to provide ambiance. 

Update Your Outdoor Furniture

The onset of summer is an excellent time to take stock of your outdoor setup and make changes or upgrades. A good place to start is with furniture. Do you have enough comfortable seating for everyone? You may want to invest in a patio set or a new umbrella to provide shade at the picnic table. A hammock or hammock chair is a great addition and provides an inviting place to lounge. Have fun with your furniture selection and choose cozy cushions that are easy to clean and can withstand the sun's rays without fading. 

Take Care of Repairs

Examine your property thoroughly and identify any repairs that are needed. You may need to reattach loose gutters or fix fencing. Switching out broken light fixtures or straightening window shutters are other common needs. If you need to dispose of materials, use the appropriate recycling equipment and practices

The harsh weather and winds that are normal for wintertime can do damage in big and small ways. It's also a good idea to get your roof checked out and review the structural integrity of your home and any other buildings. 

Trim Lawn and Trees

The lawn itself is one of the focal points of your outdoor space and the setting for hours of play. You may want to start your seasonal lawn care routine by aerating the ground, adding some fertilizer, and reseeding any bare spots. 

Mow the grass regularly and trim back overgrown tree branches and shrubs. Make sure you dispose of all yard waste properly. Don't leave it lying around in piles or you may encourage animals and insects to take up residence. 

Plant Some Flowers

A little color can add so much beauty to your backyard. Consider planting some of your favorite flowers. You can create a large flower garden or plant some flower beds around trees and alongside your house. If you prefer, stick to potted plants. It's a simple matter to place them around your deck and lawn. As an added benefit, you can easily switch them out and rearrange them in new ways to create different looks. 

Deter Pests

Nothing ruins an afternoon or evening spent in your backyard quicker than a swarm of mosquitoes. Deter these and other pests to avoid itchy and uncomfortable bug bites and make your outside environment as pleasant as possible. 

One way to keep the pests away is by keeping everything clean and picked up. Regular lawn maintenance is essential. Plus, you should be careful to eliminate areas of standing water that collect after a rainstorm, since this is where mosquitoes like to breed.

Use citronella candles and other methods of keeping bothersome insects away. If they get too bad, you may want to look into a safe spray application. 

These simple maintenance tips and suggestions will go a long way toward making your backyard more comfortable. Prepare your space and take the necessary steps to keep it in good condition. This will provide a wonderful setting to engage in fun outdoor activities all summer long. 

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