Tips for Making Space in Your Apartment

Small apartments are great for your bank account, but they often run into a lack of storage space. Whether you simply want a less cluttered apartment or a living space that seems larger, take a look at these tips for making space in your apartment. You can implement these ideas when you really need to maximize the space you have.

Play with Your Bed’s Layout


As comfy as it is, your bed takes up a ton of usable space. Though Murphy beds aren’t practical options for all apartment residents, they’re lovely options for a lot of people—you’d be surprised at how comfortable and easy-to-use many contemporary options are. If that doesn’t suit you, try out a loft bed; these work great for studio apartments.

Declutter and Donate Often

If your space is cluttered, it will look and feel that much smaller. Do yourself a favor and declutter your apartment at least once a month. Figure out how to set up apartment donations with your property manager—the items you no longer use can really help people in need.

Make the Most of Your Wall Space

Vertical space is your saving grace. No matter what sort of space you live in, vertical space can lengthen a room and give it a large feel. If you feel like you don’t have space for décor, hang artwork on your walls. If you don’t know where to put all your blankets, drape them over a vertical ladder. The more vertical space you utilize, the less cramped you’ll feel.

Use Baskets as Subtle Storage Spots

Storage is the biggest love-hate relationship for apartment residents. When you run into storage problems, try to find some creative ways to store items. Baskets are your friends when it comes to storage. More appealing to the eye than boxes, baskets store your stuff without looking like a mess—and they can go wherever you need them.

Make the Space Look Bigger

To make your space feel larger, try painting large elements such as wall-size storage units the same color as the walls. You could also try painting the ceiling the same color as the walls to make the room feel more open, using as much natural lighting as possible, or utilizing more mirrors. These tips won’t provide you with more physical space, but they give the feeling of a larger space. You’ll want to implement these tips once you’ve taken the above steps. When you follow these tips, you’ll be that much closer to your apartment dream goals!

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