Things To Do To Prepare Your Yard for Fall |

It’s hard to believe that autumn is already upon us again. But as temperatures begin to cool and the leaves and the seasonal section of the grocery store begin to turn lovely shades of orange and brown, fall’s presence is undeniable. Responsible homeowners will take this as the cue to start readying their homes for the change of season, especially their yards and gardens. If you’re of the same mindset, these are some things to do to prepare your yard for fall.


If there’s ever a time to fertilize your lawn, fall is it. After the heat of summer, your lawn will need the cooler temperatures to build up strength, especially with winter on the way. You can help that process along. Applying fertilizer approximately two to three weeks before the first frost will help your grass come back quicker and greener once spring rolls around.

Shut Off the Sprinklers

You should be preparing all the piping in your home for the harsh winter temperatures to come. That includes the piping underneath your lawn. Most sprinkler and inground irrigation systems require you to shut them off and then drain them of excess water before temperatures get to freezing. That means you’ll want to get this done before it gets too late in the season.

Prepare Your Trees

Trees are the headlining act of fall, but admiring their leaves isn’t the only attention they need as the temperatures drop. In areas where temperatures fluctuate greatly in the winter, some trees require their bark to be wrapped to prevent damage, so you should do this once temperatures start to cool later in the season. Bringing in a professional tree trimmer is also a good idea in the fall, but you’ll want to wait until all the leaves drop and the tree has entered its dormant state.

Plant Spring Bulbs

It’s hard to think about springtime when you’re dressed in an oversized sweater with a pumpkin spice latte in your hand, but September and October are the times to plant your flowers that will in the spring. Take some time to plan what you want next year’s garden to look like, and then plant the bulbs in a well-drained place that will get full sunlight in the spring. Adding a little bone meal into the dirt will ensure that your bulbs’ roots grow in good and strong.

Between apple orchard visits and hayrides, there’s a lot to do in the fall. Be sure at least some of those things are things to prepare your yard for fall. Seasons have a way of sneaking up on us, after all. And when springtime creeps in, your lawn will look marvelous if you prepare now.

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