Signs It’s Time To Upgrade Your Appliances |

Sometimes, it isn’t easy to let go of a trusty appliance, especially when you’ve had it for a long time. You might believe your old oven always bakes the best cakes, or your dishwasher cleans better than anyone else’s. But the average household machine is only efficient for about five years, which means you’ll need replacements sooner than you think. Don’t let that old oven fool you. Watch out for any signs that it’s time to upgrade your appliances.

Energy Efficiency Issues

If you see a large or increasing energy bill every month, your appliances might be to blame. Specifically, old refrigerators consume upwards of 50 percent of a kitchen’s energy. When shopping for any new appliance, look for an energy efficiency label. Energy-efficient machines can save you up to a quarter on your electric bill. Older gas appliances can also put a burden on your monthly utilities. Inefficient gas water heaters and furnaces can cost hundreds of dollars per year.

Bad Fit for Home Décor

Your old oven might bake a great cake, but does it look good doing it? Regardless of how effective an appliance might be, it can drain the life out of your home décor if the styles don’t match. If a stainless steel machine would look better than one with a plastic shell, consider upgrading. When you buy a new home, take note of any appliances left behind by the previous owners. Then, take into consideration how redecorating might affect how those machines fit aesthetically.

Racking Up Repair Fees

There are times when you can avoid upgrading your household machines. But appliances that need constant repairs can quickly drain your pocketbook. You’ll have to consider which appliances are worth fixing and which ones need to go. For example, a clothes dryer that keeps breaking down can cost hundreds of dollars for new motor bearings. You’ll need to determine whether to fix or replace the dryer according to your finances.

It isn’t easy to know when it’s time to upgrade your appliances. You deserve appliances that function well. Your trusty old oven might make great food, but you might find a new one that works just as well while saving you on repair and utility costs.

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