Refresh Your Carpeting With These DIY Methods

Mortgage experts predict that interest rates for mortgages may rise between 3.4% to 4.1% in 2022. Historically, these rates are not that high, but prices of homes have been increasing since 2021, which is why it's not surprising that more people are inclined to renovate their current home instead of buying a new one. Furthermore, many opt for DIY projects to further save on costs. Replacing carpeting is one of the best ways to freshen up the rooms in your home, but it can cost an average of $2.50 per square foot according to Forbes Advisor. This price does not include padding and installation fees. But here's the good news: you can breathe new life into your carpets with these DIY tips.

Vacuum If You Haven’t

Before trying anything else, use your vacuum cleaner especially if you haven’t done so in a while. As you know, vacuuming removes dirt and pests, as well as mold, and bacteria that can make your carpet look dull and may cause your house to smell. Vacuuming lifts the carpet’s pile in order to suck those nasty things away. Remember to vacuum underneath furniture and appliances. And here’s a unique trick: put a cotton ball with an extract of essential oils like vanilla or lavender in the vacuum bag to add a delightful scent throughout.

Remove Stains

Once you’ve thoroughly vacuumed the carpeting, you might see some stains. To remove them, make a vinegar and water solution. Mix one part white vinegar with three parts of cold water. Spray the solution on the stain until it’s wet but not saturated. Leave it for five minutes and then blot the solution using a microfiber cloth. Air-dry the carpet and don’t step on it until it’s completely dry. It’s important to note that stains will come off easily if you clean them as soon as possible. Blot the spill immediately with a paper towel or white cloth.

Deep Cleaning

If you’ve removed stains and vacuumed but the carpeting still looks grimy, it may need deep cleaning. All you’ll need is dishwashing soap or baking soda, a brush or a clean rag, and a bucket. Run the vacuum to remove dirt. If you’re using dishwashing soap, use 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap for six to eight inches of stain. If you opt to use baking soda, sprinkle on the stain until it’s completely covered. Dip the brush or rag into warm water and gently scrub on the stain. Air-dry the carpet and vacuum again when it’s completely dry.

Keeping The Brand-New Look

You’ll be surprised how lovely your house will look with the newly-cleaned carpeting. To keep it looking great for a long time, make it a habit to vacuum regularly. Do it weekly if it’s difficult to do it every day. Clean up stains as soon as they happen. Deep clean it at least once a year. If you find a snag on your carpet, cut it out instead of pulling it. Moving furniture and appliances around will prevent dents on the carpet. With these simple habits, there will be no need to replace carpeting.

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