Reasons Why You Should Skip Installing Carpets in Your Home |

If you’re thinking about installing carpet in your home, think twice. You don’t necessarily want carpets if you live in a hot state, as carpets can get hot and hold pollutants. Learn the reasons why you should skip installing carpets in your home, and you’ll soon agree that carpets are the flooring of the past.

Carpet Matting

New carpet undoubtedly feels and looks nice, but that doesn’t last forever. The constant traffic across the carpet slowly crushes it over time and mats it down. Once this happens, it’s impossible to get your carpets looking brand new again.

Short Life Span

Unfortunately, the life span of carpets isn’t long. You cannot alter carpets as you would a natural hardwood floor. Caring for carpet can be tedious, especially if you want to prolong its life, but maintaining a laminate floor, for example, is much easier. Flooring types such as laminate, vinyl, and hardwood are more durable and look nicer for a lot longer.

Trapped Pollutants and Toxins

As plush and luxurious as carpet looks, it can actually hold dangerous toxins and pollutants in its fibers. When a manufacturer makes carpets, it uses synthetic fibers made from toxic materials such as polycarbonates for rubber backing. On top of that, every time you enter your home, new pollutants, allergens, and mold spores bore themselves into the carpet, so keeping it clean becomes hopeless.

Pesky Stains

The last reason why you should skip installing carpets in your home is the pesky stains left after someone spills food or a drink. If you don’t clean the carpet immediately, you’ll be staring at the same stain until you reinstall the new carpet. Carpets may be safe, softer options for kids, but you might regret that decision when they get messy.

Having carpet in the home may not be the smartest choice, but you can still add larger area rugs to get the feel of carpet in the house. Rugs are easily removable, some are washable, and they add style and personality to the rooms in which you place them.

Of course, how you design the interior of your home is up you, the homeowner. Just think twice about carpets if you live in a state with a hotter climate. Take your lifestyle and preferences into account before landing on the perfect flooring for your home.

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