Popular bathroom renovation trends for 2020

The bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in our home. You should be comfortable while in your bathroom, which means keeping up with bathroom renovation trends. A renovated bathroom is a more comfortable bathroom.



Renovation trends vary from year to year. However, there are a few areas of interest in any bathroom renovation: plumbing, tiles, shower screens, bathtubs, toilets, vanities, lighting, and waterproofing. Some of these areas are popular in 2020 bathroom renovations, as you will see below. 


Understanding the shifting trends will make planning your bathroom renovation much easier. 


Bathroom Renovation Trends for 2020


Of all the bathroom renovation trends in 2020, these are the most popular in Australia—and, really, around the world. 


Smart technology


Smart technology for the home is on the rise. Kitchens, living rooms, and whole-house smart systems are common renovations. That trend has extended to the bathroom as well. Smart technology in the bathroom typically involves handless sinks, soap dispensers, and more. 


Smart showers are not only eco-friendly, but they are fun as well. They will play your favorite music via Bluetooth while conserving water. Many smart bathroom technologies involve voice activation. Voice-activated thermostats, lighting, and mirrors are all great choices for bathroom renovations. 


Bright colors


Black, grey, and white coloring in bathrooms is a timeless look, as is the use of brushed brass. Many people, however, are now opting for brighter colors. While people are unlikely to return to the pinks and lime greens of 1970s bathrooms, blues, and darker greens are becoming popular.  


Small pops of color can draw the eye. This can hide bathroom elements that are less attractive. The use of contrasting colors can even help make a small bathroom look larger. 


Many people prefer the clean aesthetic of a beige or white bathroom with matte black and colored accents. You could also choose to add dramatic colors to the bathroom. You will just want to work with a professional on the bathroom’s design in that instance. Professionals, like those at Houseace, can ensure that your color choices blend well together. 


Standalone tubs


Free-standing tubs can make a small bathroom look larger. This is one reason why changing the tub is a perennial renovation favorite. There is a debate about whether standalone tubs actually save space in small bathrooms. However, their ability to modernize and change the look of a bathroom is not up for debate. 


In 2020 there are a number of different tub styles to choose from. You can go traditional. A claw-foot tub and wrap-around shower curtain make a classic statement. However, you can also choose a matte black tub with a modern shape. The bathtub may be one of the most expensive renovations for a bathroom, but its ability to change room makes it worth the expense. 


Shaped tile


Where wood-look tile was popular in 2019, shaped tile is a big bathroom renovation trend for 2020. In fact, updating your bathroom’s tile is a sure way to modernize the look of the room. Floor to ceiling tiling is another rising bathroom renovation trend. You can also contrast tiled areas of your bathroom with wallpapered or painted areas. For a very modern look, you can even tile vanities and counters. Tile is a great project for any handyman with a little knowledge. 


Square tile is the most common type. Square tiles of many different sizes can be found in bathrooms all over Australia. However, tiles actually come in a variety of shapes. Hexagonal, arabesque, diamond, scallop, chevron, and fish scales are all common shapes in tile. The addition of shaped tile adds contrast and appeal to a bathroom. Make sure to mix the shaped tiles with other types of tiles or surfaces. This juxtaposition will create much-needed contrast. 


Integrated and Smart lights


Many bathroom renovations in 2020 include integrated lights. Lighting brings any room together. Integrated LED lights are a great way to provide a soft ambiance to your bathrooms. LED integrated lights to have the light integrated into the fixture. The LED lightbulb saves energy. You can also find integrated fixtures that provide indirect light to your bathroom. 


Lights are another area where Smart technology is rising in popularity. You can now pre-program different lighting combinations that are voice-activated. Whether or not you choose to incorporate Smart lighting in your bathroom renovation, you should consider some lighting changes. This is a great way to spruce up the look of your bathroom for a reasonable cost. 




When renovating consider different options when hiring contractors. One big way to save money is to hire subs yourself and be your own contractor. Make sure to use materials that will last. Just because they are expensive does not make them quality. Do your research before buying your materials for the remodel.


We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. These spaces need to be comfortable and relaxing to use. Plus, the renovation of a bathroom can help raise the overall value of your home. 


Overall, we are seeing a continuation of the modern look in Australian bathroom renovations. Clean lines, bright colors, eco-friendly fixtures, and Smart technology are all major bathroom renovation trends for 2020. 

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