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There are many misconceptions and assumptions out there about landscaping companies and their services, especially those you find on the Internet. Everybody and their brother have advice to dish out, and you’re left with the heavy weight of the decision on your plate. Finding the right information can be challenging, but with our help, you can find the truth before you decide to hire someone’s services and dive into your next home improvement project. To clear the air, we’ll debunk these top myths about hiring a landscape designer.

Any Landscaping Is Considered Good Landscaping

This misconception is complex—any kind of landscaping might be better than no landscaping, right? That all depends. Amateur techniques and inappropriate landscape designs will become clear as time goes on. If you’re looking to add to your curb appeal, know that value lies not solely in the act of obtaining curb appeal but in having good curb appeal. Your choice of utilizing a landscaper—and a professional at that—will benefit you in the long run, creating a space that fulfills your household’s needs and safety requirements.

Landscape Designers Don’t Take Your Input

One of the most popular myths about hiring a landscape designer is completely false. Landscapers are professionals, and their job is to design a space you’ll love and enjoy. Just because they’re experts and know what may look best doesn’t mean they don’t take input from their clients on what the client would like. They work with the client’s taste in mind.

Landscapers traditionally create their designs based on the size and condition of the physical space, the environmental factors of the area, and—most of all—the people utilizing the space. Some landscape designers may be known for having certain styles, and they may be able to provide example pictures of past work, but these designs aren’t set in stone. Landscaping is a two-way street of flexibility and open-mindedness—great landscaping is a wonderful collaboration between designer and homeowner.

Landscaping Services Are a Total Waste of Money

You may think using landscaping services could be a waste of valuable money, but this is also a myth. Landscape designers have the ability and knowledge to completely transform your space in a short amount of time. The opportunities and advantages of their services are abundant. Some homeowners may choose to DIY their own yards, but the difficulties and disadvantages of DIY landscaping remain to be seen. Proper landscape design provides a professional look based on your specific budget, needs, and vision of the final result.

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