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Each year, about 40 million people in this country move, and it looks like you're about to become one of them. I can make the process simpler for you and help you save up to 55 percent on the cost of hiring movers. Just fill out the form to the right and include when and where you're moving, then click on the button that says "compare and save." I've negotiated discounts on your behalf and arranged for the companies to get in touch with you. That will free up more of your time to pack and make other preparations.

Buyer Beware

Surely you've heard the expression "You get what you pay for," and it definitely applies to moving companies. Discounts are great, especially the ones I've arranged for you with movers. Bear in mind that the cheapest move price offered might involve the least amount of service. If you don't mind doing as much of the work as possible, then a bare-bones move is the way to go. Many people don't mind having to find their own boxes and pack everything themselves – although once you experience a full-service move, in which hired help does the packing for you, it's hard to go back to doing it yourself. I think it's a mistake to try to cut corners by not buying insurance for your move. Accidents happen, and if anything damages your belongings, or worse, stuff goes missing, the cost to repair or replace them will likely make the premium for coverage seem like a pittance by comparison.

Know Your Movers

Before you hire movers, make sure they're legitimate. About half of the states in the country have their own regulators overseeing the moving industry, and if you live somewhere that has such local regulation, that's an even better resource for learning about a mover's track record. There's also the American Moving and Storage Association and 27 states have their own versions of this trade group. Any of these resources can provide you with recommendations and advice. You might also need to contact them if you have a bad experience with a mover; I really hope that doesn't happen to you, but it's nice to know you've got recourse just in case.

If you've decided to ship your car, here are some things you should know before shipping your car:

Have a Good Move

No one's ever called moving a breeze, but that doesn't mean you should let it overwhelm you. Relax and take a deep breath anytime the move stresses you out. Focus on the end result: Imagine how happy you're going to be once you've got everything in your new home. Good luck to you!

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