Moving Checklist: Everything You Need to do When Moving

Finding a new home and exploring a new city is fun but getting to that new home with all your belongings can be a stressful process. There are definitely a few things to consider when moving, and we’re sure you already have a list of things to do when moving running through your mind. However, there’s no need to stress about any of this because is here to be your source for all things moving and planning. We have created a comprehensive moving checklist, so this lengthy task is as smooth as possible. 

With this ultimate moving checklist, you and your family can plan everything accordingly. Take the guessing out of moving and prepare yourself for anything and everything with our list of things to do when moving. 

9-7 Weeks Before Your Move: Find the Right Moving Company & More


The first step toward an efficient moving schedule is finding the right moving company. You can do all the planning you want when it comes to packing up, but if you don’t have the right moving service providers things could go wrong. When you work with the team at, we will provide a list of moving companies, a variety of quotes, and a timeline that works with your set schedule. And the best part, our services are 100% free! After we find local moving professionals that are right for the job, all that’s left for you to do is review companies through the U.S. Department of Transportation, select the right one for your needs, review moving documents & insurance, and hire! Figuring out what to do when moving is easier with the help of a professional. 

In addition to scheduling a moving company, there are other things to consider during this timeframe. Beginning your planning 9-7 weeks before the big move will leave you and your family with plenty of time to spare. 


  • Create a moving budget and plan accordingly for any expenses that may emerge, i.e. a moving company, moving insurance, packing supply costs, and more. 

  • Start researching your new community and make sure you know where the important facilities are located; the post office (make sure you fill out a change of address form) the bank, grocery store, medical center, veterinarian, etc. 

  • Another thing to consider when moving with a family is your children’s schooling. Assuring that you obtain transcript records from their old school and contacting their new school to understand what records might be needed is necessary. 

  • Make sure you’ve been in contact with your realtor to guarantee that your moving timeline matches with theirs, as an important part of the moving checklist process. 

  • Start sorting through your household items. Once you do this you can begin to get rid of items you don’t need to move to the new place. This is also a great time to start packing small items that you’re planning on keeping. 

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6 Weeks Before Your Move: Put Your Moving Checklist into Action 


6-weeks before the big day marks go time for your things to do when moving. The overall planning process should be taken care of and now it’s time to take action. Consider this timeframe on your moving checklist as the organization phase. Have all the rooms in your home been considered for packing? Do you know what supplies you will need? Have you told friends and family that you will be moving? Even though there is plenty to get done at the 6-week mark, you still have enough hours in the days to get it all completed. Below are some of the most important things to remember when moving as you inch closer to the big moving day. 


  • When it comes to getting your belongings in order, you should start by organizing your most important documents. Assuring yourself that you have all these personal belongings in place will allow your upcoming moving date to be less stressful. 

  • Order moving supplies and begin packing items that you won’t need until you’re in your new home. This step will truly depend on how big your home is and how many items you end up donating before moving. Boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap are all necessary things to remember when moving. For an easy way to get your packing completed in time, pack a little every day until each room is packed up and ready to go. 

  • However, when hiring a moving professional through certain companies may already provide these items for their customers. This is a great time to contact your hired moving company to organize, reconfirm, and finalize any and all legal contracts. 

  • One of the more important things to do when moving is to set up your utilities at your new home. Now that it’s just 6 weeks away, you want to assure that everything is ready for your first night in your next home. At the same time, you should also contact your current service providers to arrange a shut-off date at your current home. 

  • Review your route from your old home to your new house. Make sure any accommodations, if necessary, are in place. You can also put together a fun moving day playlist so everyone can get excited about the new home! Having this section of the moving checklist organized will allow you to relax before the big day. 

4 Weeks Before Your Move: Iron Out All the Details


You’ve officially hit 1 month until your moving day and it’s time to get down to business when it comes to your moving checklist. In addition to making sure all of your official documents are in order, you should be hitting the packing hard at this stage. Now is the perfect time to have a copy of your packing checklist visible so the whole family is on the same page! Below are additional items on our checklist for moving at the 4-week mark. Watch as your list of things to do when moving grows smaller and smaller! 


  • Two to three months before your moving date, you should have researched the necessary facilities in your new town. Now is the time to confirm that you will be a new resident of the area. During this time of your moving checklist, you should have all your important documents transferred from your current providers to your new providers. 

  • If you’re exhausted from all the packing and moving already, this is the time to hire cleaning services with to tidy up your home once the majority of your belongings have been put into boxes and your home is clearing up. This way you can just focus on getting to your new home! 

  • Since you’ve been slowly packing your belongings in the weeks leading up, it’s time to fully pack any items that are not used frequently. 

  • If necessary, at this time you should arrange storage space for any items that aren’t going to your new home, but you were not able to sell quite yet. 

2-1 Week(s) Before Your Move: Final Steps in Your Moving Checklist


The final weeks have arrived, it’s almost time for you to move! This means that you should be packing household items and completing some of the most important things to do when moving. Not only should you be focusing on the major details, but now is the time to reconfirm everything with the appropriate parties. Below are some of the final loose ends you should tighten up on your moving checklist. 


  • Arrange to be off work on your moving day. With so many puzzle pieces coming into play, it’s important to take off work during this time so you’re not stressed about how the moving process is going while you’re sitting at your desk.  

  • Return any borrowed items, movies, library books, etc. before leaving town. You don’t want to be in a new city, dealing with a return process in your old neighborhood. 

  • Review packed boxes and do a final walk-through of your home to make sure you didn’t forget anything. This section of your checklist for moving is necessary to assure that you end up in your new home with everything you love, especially if you are shipping your belongings.  

  • Reconfirm final details with your moving company, your realtor, and any other important companies. 

  • Prepare a list of emergency service providers for when you arrive at your new home. The last thing you need is a household problem in a new area, without a plan in place. Depending on what you’re looking for, works with a variety of industry professionals that are perfect for any of your upcoming needs. Whether you need a garage door professional or a new landscaper, we have just the company for the job! 

  • Hangout with friends and family before you get out of town. It’s hard leaving friends behind when you embark on a new adventure, so get that quality time in while you can. 

Moving Day


Moving day has finally arrived and you are in your final moving checklist stages! After going through plenty of planning and preparing, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining bright. Take this time to remind yourself that your planning has paid off, and you have thought of all the things to consider when moving. Take it all in, you’ve done it! 


  • Get started early! Once the moving company has packed everything up at your home, do a final walk through. Make sure all appliances left behind are unplugged. Ensure that all windows and doors are locked. And double check your utility shutdown. 

  • Leave all key sets behind at your old home. 

  • Say goodbye to all your friends and family. It’s tough leaving a familiar place but just remember what lies ahead for you and your family. 

  • Enjoy your new home, meet your neighbors, and relax. You’ve done it, your moving checklist has een completed! 


With the help of this moving checklist, you should be well on your way to success when it comes to moving your entire family. is in the business of helping people save time and money, no matter what household project is at hand. If you’re looking for additional details when it comes to the specifics of a moving, download our checklist for moving PDF now and cross off items as you go! 

The first step toward an efficient moving day is hiring the right moving company for the job. With the help of our team of experts, we will provide nothing but the best for your upcoming project. Get your free quote with today! 


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