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If there mere thought of moving to Oklahoma fills your head with Rogers and Hammerstein lyrics, you're not alone. And yet, you're probably relieved to know that Oklahoma now offers so much more than heart-wrenching cowboy romance. Today's Oklahoma boasts a relatively stable economy, a respectable public school system and affordable housing options. You may also be inspired by the fact that many illustrious individuals come from Oklahoma, including Dr. Phil, Reba McEntire and Brad Pitt. Preparing thoroughly for your move to Oklahoma will ensure that you have a smooth acclimation and that your family will be able to take advantage of all that the state has to offer. This Oklahoma moving guide will enable you to enjoy your leisure time in Oklahoma without stressing about the legalities.

Choosing Oklahoma Movers

One of the first things you'll need to do after you decide to move is to choose Oklahoma movers. There are hundreds of Oklahoma moving companies, but not all of them are reliable. Unfortunately, Oklahoma does not have a centralized movers association that will provide you with information about Oklahoma moving services. One way to circumvent this problem is to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if the Oklahoma movers of your choice have any complaints against them. If you're planning a pilot trip to Oklahoma, you may also want to drop by the offices of some Oklahoma moving companies to get a sense of whether they are well-established or whether the staff is composed of day laborers, students or other inexperienced movers. If this isn't possible, make sure you get multiple recommendations about each Oklahoma moving company that you're interested in and to get all quotes and information in writing. This is the best way to ensure that your Oklahoma moving experience will be a smooth one.

Oklahoma Tax Rates

When negotiating your salary for a future job in Oklahoma, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Oklahoma tax rates so you'll know approximately how much money you'll be bringing home. Oklahoma has 7 tax brackets, which is a rather large number of tax brackets as compared with states like Connecticut which have only 2, and states like Alaska which impose no income tax at all. The benefit of this system, however, is that families with extremely low incomes are required to pay a very minimal percentage of income tax. Oklahoma's income tax structure functions as follows:

Salary Range Tax Percentage
$0-$1000 0.5%
$1,001-$2,500 1%
$2,501-$3,750 2%
$3,751-$4,900 3%
$4,901-$7,200 4%
$7,201-$8,700 5%
$8,701+ 5.5%

Oklahoma's state sales tax is 4.5% on most purchases, and each county can also choose to impose local sales tax, which is usually 3-4%. The resulting sales tax is 7.5-8.5% of the purchase price, which is comparable to the sales tax rates in many states including New York and Nevada.

Driving Regulations and Licensing

Transferring your driver's license to an Oklahoma license is a relatively straightforward process, and it should be done as soon as possible. You must register your vehicle in Oklahoma before applying for an Oklahoma driver's license. You must bring proper identification as well as a valid license from another state. With the proper documentation, the requirement of a written and physical exam will likely be waived. You will probably still be required to pass a vision exam. An Oklahoma driver's license costs $21.50 and $11.25 for residents aged 61 and over.

Marriage Rules and Regulations

In most cases, getting married in Oklahoma is especially easy. There is no waiting time between applying for the marriage license and getting married (unless you were recently divorced or are a minor). Neither gay marriages nor cousin marriages are permitted in Oklahoma. Same-sex marriages are also prohibited by Oklahoma law. A marriage license in Oklahoma costs about $50, which is one of the most marriage licenses in the country.

Although Oklahoma isn't largely thought of as an exciting state, you'll see quickly upon moving to Oklahoma that there are many interesting things to do there, including many state parks, shopping centers and annual festivals. And, of course, with 6 neighboring states to choose from, there will never be a shortage of interesting local vacations!

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