Most Common Vinyl Siding Problems Homeowners Experience

Vinyl siding is an incredibly popular option for those looking to redo the exterior of their homes. It’s known to be durable, reliable, and easily customizable to match the specific style and design of your home. However, like other types of siding, using vinyl also comes with its fair share of issues. This way, you know what to expect and can be prepared to fix them. These are some of the most common vinyl siding problems and what can cause them to occur.

Color Fading or Staining

Vinyl siding is highly sought after for its ability to take on whatever colors you choose. Whether it be the lightest of whites or the darkest of blues, paint products naturally bind very well to the vinyl surface and leave your home’s exterior looking great. Unfortunately, though, the color’s richness won’t last forever, as this type of siding is very susceptible to harsh sunlight. So, over time, it’s very likely that you’ll experience color fading and even staining.

Rot, Mold, or Leakage

Vinyl siding can also develop various types of water damage when exposed to high levels of moisture. Wood rot and mold, in particular, can be the most detrimental to the home’s overall state. These things can take root when the vinyl expands and leaks form within the cracks. This water seeps into the wood behind the vinyl coating and can slowly turn into a serious problem for your walls.

Cracking and Crumbling

Another of the most common vinyl siding problems homeowners experience is general damage like cracking, warping, or crumbling of the material. These things will happen when yard debris hits the siding and causes dents or scratches that can deteriorate the material’s strength. When left alone, this can ultimately result in your siding forming cracks or even holes where it was afflicted. Fortunately, some of these damages can be repaired, depending on their severity.

Noise Production

It’s important to mention that vinyl siding can also begin generating loud noises when brushed by strong winds. Since vinyl siding doesn’t rest flush with the wood behind it, any small opening can be caught by the wind and create a loud, echoing whistle noise. While this doesn’t necessarily constitute damage, it can definitely annoy the homeowners and make them believe that something is wrong with their siding.

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