Luxury Bathroom Ideas: A Complete Style Guide

Setting up a luxury bathroom is an essential step towards a luxurious lifestyle. You cannot expect life to treat you ornately unless you decide that you deserve it so. And to declare that, you need to make the necessary changes in life, such as setting up the most elaborate and facilitated self-care unit of the house, i.e., bathroom.

To assist you out with the very task, here are some of our tested and tried suggestions. The innovative approaches will level up the style status of your current bathroom like none other. Thus, bringing about that pampered feeling that you truly desire.


Natural Tones & Textures


Perhaps, one of the first changes that you need to make in your current bathroom settings is of color. What color do you have your walls painted?  If these are deep and striking shades like black or red, you might want to change it to something more subtle and soft tones, like cream white or fawn. Darker colors make the space look compact and are not as welcoming and soothing as the lighter colors.

Plus, it’s best to opt for a tiled texture. You can even opt for marble or wood finishes. Just ensure that the floor, tiles, and all four walls correspond with one another’s look and color scheme.


Spacious Bath & Showers


Next, focus on your bathing area. Would you like a tub, or would you like a wide showerhead? Or would you like both?

For a luxurious look, we will recommend having both in your bathroom. If the space is short and you cannot have a tub, opt for a showering unit separated from the rest of the space. Also, correspond the theme of your walls and floors with showering accessories, i.e., showerheads, as well as taps. Remember, uniformity makes the bathroom looks even more harmonious and luxurious.

Some interior designing experts suggest designing the bathroom space, like you would design a living space, with ample room between different sections. Also, it should be with ample space for sitting and whatnot. But well, we know. You probably haven’t got a space as big as a room for your bathroom. So, to maximize the space it offers, what you can do is, opt for transparent separators. Be it a partition between sections of the bathroom or with the external space.


Proper Lighting & Fandeliers


Lighting plays an integral role in setting up good space. Be it anywhere and for any purpose. So, when redesigning your bathroom, ensure that you give it ample thought.

Equip your bathing space as well as most of the bathroom with enough light to help you navigate and cater to all sorts of safety concerns. Having an additional switch for a dimly lit environment would serve as a plus, especially when you would like a thoroughly relaxing bath.

What’s more, consider adding a Fandelier to your bathroom interiors as an ultimate touch of luxury. As a combination of both fan and light, coupled with intricate and lavish design, it would truly look grand.


Grandiose Mirrors


Adding mirrors to your bathroom space will add to space. Even when you've got a compact bathroom, adding a mirror at the top of your sink will create an illusion of deeper space. Thus, giving off a more spacious look.

Moreover, the mirror in your bathroom is the central style statement. Choose one that complements the rest of the bathroom décor. You can opt from modern-styled mirrors to vintage to whatnot. You can even line and decorate these with relevant lighting. Again, ensure that the lighting and borders of the mirror correspond with the rest of the décor.

Also, consider adding a full-length mirror as well. It will not only look grand but will allow you to check and assess your outfit’s look before you head out.


Final Words


Summing up, transforming your regular bathroom into a luxurious one will demand a bit of your creativity and financial investment. You may need to restructure the whole of it, which of course, will take time too. But once done, we assure you, it will be worth it! So, go ahead and transform your dreams into reality. Relax like you truly deserve it!


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