Key insights about smart home security systems and smart home solutions

Living in today’s Digital Age, the technological revolutions have changed our lives in many aspects. Having constant access to information, we can now access things easier and quicker and most will agree that our lives have changed for the better. The adoption of new technologies and trends is making our lives more simple. 


Smart home security systems


During the last few years the smart home security systems market has recorded tremendous growth. The COVID-19 outbreak positively impacted this growth as people were spending more time at home and they started to acknowledge the importance of investing in such technological advancements.


New technological improvements have made home security systems more sophisticated and more effective. The growing demand is driven by the expanding adoption of smart homes with smart security being an integral part.


The smart home security system is a combination of software and hardware devices with the main purpose to detect intrusion of a designated place. There is also a wide range of other smart gadgets and functions which can be adopted ranging from light sensors and surveillance cameras to fully integrated smart home solutions. The most preferred products are smart cameras and monitoring devices, smart alarms and locks and smart sensors and detectors. 


You might be wondering what's so smart about them. These devices are connected to your WiFi and you are able to access them from anywhere using your smartphone or smartwatch. They can send you notifications on your phone when a sensor is triggered and save videos of any unusual activity. Furthermore, manufacturers are beginning to integrate visual recognition based on Artificial Intelligence into the security devices. This enhances the safety as consumers are authenticated through facial and voice recognition and fingerprints. This could also minimise false alarms. 


Here are some of the main benefits of smart home security systems.


  • Remotely controlled from any location at any time using your phone, laptop or smart watch. If you are away from home and your cleaner or dog walker will be entering your place, you can also give them access and with a two-way talk facility you can have conversations with them regardless where you are.


  • Receive real time security alerts and ability to monitor your home in real-time so you can check on your teens. This is not only when something unusual is happening at your property but also when you’ve left a door or window unsecured, you can resolve it from the application without the need to return home.


  • The perfect deterrent for intruders as these systems are not as simple as cutting the wires and doing their job peacefully. When burglars see that there is a smart security system in place there is a very high chance that they will give your property a miss. 


  • If you’ve chosen a good home security package this can increase the property value in a future sale as millennials are attracted to smart technologies which they can operate from an app. Additionally it can also give you a home insurance discount as these systems decrease the chances of theft. 


Smart home solutions


There is a growing demand for smart home technologies especially from the millennials. This demographic segment wants to be always connected and it's important to them to identify any connectivity issue that may arise to keep a smart home in perfect working order


Depending on personal preference and usage, there are endless functions and devices which you can adopt to make a smart home system. Some of the most commonly used ones are outlined below.

  • Lighting: you can have all your lights connected ( both indoors and outdoors) and control them via an app.
  • Heating: depending on your home heating system, you might need to install additional gadgets, such as thermostat valves in ensure seamless control
  • Weather control: add an additional weather module which detects rain, humidity, wind speed and based on this information if you are away from home the system can close windows for example. 
  • Automation of any electrical appliances. This could be the kettle, toaster, washing machine etc to make life easier for you
  • Entertainment: smart speakers, TV or personal assistant are some of the options. 


As the market of smart home appliances is increasing, companies should collaborate more to ensure interoperability of devices to encourage mainstream adoption. Additionally consumers are showing greater interest in open source smart home solutions as they are easier to use and connect to. 


Conclusion :


Utilising all these new technologies and keeping up with the new trends all sounds great. They are undoubtedly very beneficial and make life more efficient but there is also the personal data protection issue. There is a growing concern around privacy in voice assistant technology and other smart appliances which manufacturers are striving to improve constantly.

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