Improve Indoor Air Quality: Here's How and Why

Concerns over air pollutant concentrations are rising with rapid industrialization. The phenomenon has been noted by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, which says that Indoor air could be 5 times more contaminated than outdoor air.


Stale air might potentially lead to health issues, including neurological conditions, chest illnesses, or exacerbate asthmatic symptoms. Air purification can lower the risk of severe health concerns.

We can maintain our health by eliminating various indoor air contaminants using high-quality air purifiers. This brief article will help you understand the importance and need for air purifiers in indoor environments.


Advantages of Air Purifier


Now to understand more about the importance of air purifiers, let's check out the primary advantages of installing air purifiers in indoor environments.


  1. Eliminate Asthma Symptoms


The dogs put out a lot of furs when they claw themselves, which causes the air to stay dusty. Many other asthma triggers, such as allergens and dirt mites, can still occur even if you do not have pets.

While you can get rid of certain pollutants by cleaning the bed, carpets, and floors, others continue to float around in the air. Attacks of Asthma are more likely when breathing in dirty air.


Pre-filters that may be changed are included in air purifiers to catch larger particles and tiny germs. Infact, nowadays, various air purifiers are filterless, and your air security's effectiveness is extended thanks to this mechanism. Asthma-related breathing problems are less likely when you have an advanced air purifier like Tenshield that keeps your indoor environment free of pollutants.


  1. Remove Toxic Compounds from Interior Environment


Our ability to block off external contaminants like oxides of nitrogen dioxide does not depend on whether or not we close the exterior doors of our home. Such gases are frequently present in locations with heavy auto traffic and therefore can enter your homes.

Such chemical pollutants can be removed by big air purifiers using activated carbon, lowering the risk of various health issues.

Even today, we have certain purifiers that provide real-time air quality data, like Tenshield air security devices.


  1. Gets Rid of Smells

As a result, the amount of pollutants inside the indoor environment is decreased by using air purifiers using activated charcoal filters.

You do not have to be concerned that the smoky smell of frying oil and spices would make your guests uncomfortable if they come over. Your room will smell fresh and clean thanks to the air purifiers, which eliminate any odours.


  1. Decreases the possibility of respiratory infections


Tiny bacteria that are circulating are what cause airborne illnesses like the flu as well as cold symptoms. Plasma ion technology-based air purifiers catch these viruses as well as bacteria. Eliminating the root of airborne diseases protects you and your family against them.


  1. Enhances Sleep


Lack of sleep makes you drowsy during the day and reduces your performance the following morning. It is better to utilize air filters since they remove the majority of allergens from your home, preventing these sleep interruptions.


  1. Eliminates dangerous radon


Radon gas is created when radioactive substances, such as uranium, that are present in some construction materials break down.

Use portable air purifiers to lessen the risk of radon pollution. Radon nanoparticles and radioactive gas can be easily captured by activated charcoal filters, shielding you from its adverse effects.


  1. Removes potentially dangerous asbestos particles


You might be subjected to asbestos fibers if you reside in an old residence and work inside an old corporate structure. Asbestos fibers in the air can result in lung illness that is characterized by tissue scarring. Therefore, utilize air fresheners that collect asbestos nanoparticles to safeguard yourself against asbestosis.


  1. Able to lengthen life expectancy


Household air pollutants may impact the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and neurological processes. Your lungs may become clogged with chemicals and fumes from everyday household goods. The airborne particles affect your memory and brain processes since they can pass through the blood-brain barrier because they are so tiny.

A decent air purifier will capture even tiny particles, improving the air quality you breathe.


How to choose an air purifier, and what to watch out for?


It is essential to look into details when purchasing an air purifier, like its ACH ratings and HEPA filtering. Consider these factors to get the most out of the cleansers and prevent specific unwanted effects:

  • Size Compatibility
  • Credential for Asthma as well as Allergic rhinitis Friendliness
  • Frequency of Clean-Air Delivery (CADR)
  • Each hour of air changes (ACH) Rating
  • Maintenance

Now, if you are looking for an air purifier with these qualities, one of the options that you can look out for is Tenshield.




An Advanced Air purifier produces a high amount of negatively charged ions that are particularly effective at removing dust, pet hair, cigarette smoke, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses from the air. Hence, using air purifiers is a must to maintain your health from adverse effects.

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