How to Tell if You Have a Damaged Roof

An aging or damaged roof can cause a number of significant issues for your home. These include drafts, leaks and structural damage. According to Good Housekeeping, most asphalt shingle roofs last between 20 and 30 years. If your roof is around this old or has been damaged, keep an eye out for some roof damage signs. These will let you know that the roof needs to be replaced or repaired.


Signs of a Damaged Roof: Outdoor


An exterior roof inspection is an important step in determining if you have a damaged roof or need a replacement. You may be able to perform this check yourself provided that you have a ladder and your roof is dry. However, if your roof is in a poor state, steeply sloped, wet or otherwise dangerous, ask a professional to help with your inspection. Many roofing contractors will inspect for roof damage signs for free.


During your exterior inspection, look for any damage or indicators that your roof is no longer providing complete protection. Below are a few of the roof damage signs you should watch for.


Stains and Discoloration


The initial step in finding roof damage signs is to look for any dark spots or stains that may be water damage. These indicate that water is seeping through your shingles or pooling in a way that may harm your roof and home. In most cases, if something looks damaged, it is damaged. However, if you notice an issue in your own inspection, have a professional double-check before you make any decisions on handling roof damage repair.




Rotting is a common issue on an aging or damaged roof, especially one made from wood or asphalt. Look for damaged, cracked, missing or unusual-looking shingles or sections. If you see any moldy build up on your tiles, that is also an indication of rot.


Damaged or Decaying Shingles


Physical damage can break your shingles and cause your roof to leak. Simply look for shingles that are split, cracked or otherwise don’t look like a complete, normal shingle.


Similarly, shingles may decay with age. Look for missing, curled, buckling or cracked shingles. This may be a few shingles in need of repair or a sign that the damaged roof needs replacing.


Pieces in the Gutter


Check your gutters. If there are pieces of shingles or other roofing materials, that is an indication that you may have a damaged roof. Keep an eye out for this whenever you clean your gutters as it’s one of the key roof damage signs.


Damaged Flashing


Your roof likely has flashing on joints and around interrupted areas such as a chimney. Examine the flashing for signs of damage or disturbance. This can be a hot spot for a damaged roof.


Roof Valleys


Examine the valleys where sections of your roof connect. These are some of the most likely to be damaged roof sections.


Signs of a Damaged Roof: Indoor


Periodically access your attic or roof crawl space to check for interior roof damage signs. These will help illuminate if a leak or hole has reached the inside of your home. Be careful when inspecting any attic or crawl spaces without a finished floor.




Perform your inspection in the middle of a sunny day. Keep an eye out for any daylight peaking through holes or gaps. Roofs are, of course, intended to be a complete covering of your home. So, daylight means you may have a damaged roof.


Discoloration or Stains


In the same way you checked the exterior for water damage, look for damaged sections on the inside of your roof. Examine the walls, floor and roof panels. If you notice water damage anywhere else in your house, trace it to its source to ensure it isn’t the result of a damaged roof.


Sagging Areas


Another common sign of water damage is sagging. When water gets behind paint or other wall coverings, it can cause it to sag. Again, trace the damage to determine if it is a problem with your roof.




In the same way you shouldn’t see daylight, you shouldn’t feel drafts on the interior of your roof. These indicate a hole that needs to be repaired in your damaged roof.


Handling Roof Damage Repair


If you’ve found you have a damaged roof, you are likely wondering what to do next. The most important thing is to move quickly. A minor issue can potentially be fixed inexpensively. However, even a single damaged shingle can balloon into a bigger problem if left unaddressed.


Before you make any decisions, find a roofing contractor who will evaluate your roof. He or she will help you determine how serious the problem is and whether a repair or replacement is necessary. Many contractors will offer inspections for free. Be wary of those that do not.


When the contractor arrives, inform him or her about the roof damage signs you have found. The professional will be able to examine that issue and check for other areas of a damaged roof that you have missed.


If your roof is more than 20 years old or if the damage is from age and decay, chances are that a full replacement will be the right course of action rather than a small roof damage repair. Nonetheless, in some cases, it may be possible to fix a smaller section of the damaged roof.


Regardless of the extent of the damage, you will likely need a professional to fix the issue. Getting top-notch work is almost always worth the investment. After all, your roof protects your home from the weather and more. Skimping on a roof replacement or fix is likely to result in needing another roof damage repair sooner rather than later.


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