How to Remodel a House: Your Complete Guide

As many houses today become due for an update, many homeowners are looking into renovation. Over the past few years, spending on renovation has continued to increase. As a homeowner, you want to do things the right way and make sure you get value for your money. Figuring out how to remodel a house doesn't have to be confusing. With the right resources, you can identify your goals, choose materials and get in touch with knowledgeable and reliable professionals.


Essential Steps to Remodeling Your Home


Remodeling your home can seem like a large and intimidating process. Breaking it down into steps of how to remodel a house can help you define aims, prioritize tasks and outline a budget.


Figure Out What You Want


When you're thinking about embarking on a renovation project, it is important to know what you want to accomplish. For example, the steps you need to prepare your house for sale can be very different from those you need to put in your dream kitchen. Other common reasons for remodeling your home include the following:


  • Energy efficiency upgrade
  • Expansion
  • Style update
  • Roof or other major component due for replacement
  • Substantial problems


Keep in mind that, whatever your goal, if there is a serious problem with your home, you may need to deal with it first. If you need to make structural repairs or replace sections of plumbing, you want those tasks out of the way before you tackle optional or cosmetic features.


Sometimes problems that seem minor can indicate a larger issue. They can end up involving substantial repairs that should be done as soon as possible.


If essential repairs or replacements will have to be part of your home renovation, consider how they tie into your larger project.  Thinking about how to remodel a house can change your approach. For example, you may have the option of repairing or replacing a feature of your home. In the context of remodeling, you may opt for a replacement that will be more in tune with the look you ultimately want. As another example, if you have to reconfigure plumbing or wiring, consider whether you want to take this opportunity to reroute it to accommodate an updated floor plan.


Step 1: Define Needs vs Wants


Once you have determined your end goal, it is time to figure out what you will do to achieve it. Few people have the opportunity to simply do everything they want in a renovation. Most homeowners may need to consider how to remodel a house, their budgets, local HOA rules, timelines and other relevant factors. Thus, prioritizing is a must when remodeling your home.


What you define as a need versus a want will vary on what you want to achieve. If your aim is to make your home more energy efficient, adding insulation and replacing an old roof may top your list. On the other hand, if you want a style update, new paint and appliances may have a higher priority.


Step 2: Do Your Research


Now that you know what you want to do, you need to know how. Important issues to research include typical costs for what you want and how long you can expect things to take. Discussing your plans with professionals in your area can give you more specific information. Many aspects of how to remodel a house depend on the specific building, climate, available materials and more. General contractors in your area will be familiar with these issues and can give you guidance.


As you learn how to remodel a house, you may change your mind about some aspects of your renovation. For example, you may find out a material you wanted to use has practical drawbacks. It may be hard to obtain, too expensive or not the best option for your purpose.


Step 3: Organize Your Information


Based on what you learn, you will now be able to put together a budget and a timeline for remodeling your home. This will keep you on track. However, do build in some flexibility. Even a simple project can run into problems or uncover a serious issue with your house.


Remodeling a Home: How to Avoid Common Mistakes


You've probably heard some renovation horror stories when talking to others about how to remodel a house. Steering clear of some typical errors can help you avoid becoming a cautionary tale yourself.


Know Your Limits


DIY can be fine when it comes to small projects. However, unless you are a professional yourself, a renovation needs more expertise than you can bring to the table. Especially when it comes to structure, electricity or plumbing, you need a qualified contractor with the right licensing. It can seem cheaper to do things yourself with a guidance of an online video, but in the long run this approach is not just ineffective but unsafe.


Hire the Right Professionals


You want contractors who know how to remodel a house and can help you achieve the goal of your project. In addition to checking for formal qualifications such as licensing, it is important to look into a professional's experience and track record. Plus, you need someone who is not just technically proficient but will also answer your calls, come on time and communicate well.


Avoid Micromanaging 


Once you have selected your contractors and communicated your wishes, it is time to leave them to their jobs. Trying to micromanage and explain how to remodel a house tends to break down communication, not enhance it.


Look Below the Surface


Even if your main goal is to give your home a fresh look, it is important to consider more than appearances. Some homeowners skimp on materials or techniques, reasoning that it all ends up looking the same.


However, quality matters even for superficial renovations such as painting. Using the wrong paint, tile or flooring often results in a surface that quickly becomes unattractive. Common problems such as bubbling, or cracking can eventually lead to more substantial issues such as mold or moisture damage.


Finding the Right Resources When Remodeling Your Home


Learning how to remodel a house means going through a lot of information. We can help you find general contractor you can rely on as you navigate the remodeling process. Whether you want a quick update or a comprehensive renovation, we have what you need to make your dream house become reality.

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