How To Divert Water From Your Home’s Foundation

After heavy rainfall, you may notice that a small pond or river often forms in your yard. Standing water anywhere in your yard can have negative repercussions, from killing your grass to attracting mosquitos and other pests. If the water pools near your foundation, however, the consequences could be even more severe. To avoid cracks, mold, or leaks occurring at the base of your home, consult this guide on how to divert water from your home’s foundation.

Extend Your Gutters’ Downspouts

One of the easiest ways to divert water from your foundation is to extend your gutters’ downspouts. If the downspouts are too short, they will not serve their intended purpose of directing water away from your home’s foundation. Instead, they will dispense rainwater near the base of your home, which can cause a host of issues.

Ideally, downspouts should extend at least three feet from your home’s foundation if it resides on sloped soil. If your home sits on flat land, downspouts should extend at least 10 feet from the foundation.

Regrade Your Yard

If the land on your property slopes down toward your house’s foundation, one of the most effective ways to prevent water from accumulating around your home’s base is to regrade your yard. Regrading essentially refers to reshaping or leveling out the land on your property to reduce low spots or slopes so that water can drain away from your home correctly.

To regrade your yard, either contact a professional company or try to take the project on yourself by renting a skid steer. If you decide to rent a skid steer, make sure to choose one with tracks that have a smooth tread pattern so that they don’t tear up your lawn.

Install Effective Drainage Systems

Another tip on how to divert water from your home’s foundation is to install effective drainage systems on your property. Two types of drains that are particularly beneficial for preventing pooling water around the base of one’s home are French drains and basement exterior drain systems. 

A French drain refers to a trench that one can install around a home’s foundation and includes a perforated drain covered with gravel. When it rains, the water will trickle through the gravel into a drain that will direct the water away from your home. 

A basement exterior drain, on the other hand, refers to a drain system installed around the outer perimeter of a foundation, such as a footer drain or weeping tile drain. The purpose of such drains is to carry excess water away from your home and into a sump pump or other advantageous location.

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