8 Unheard-Of Home Security Tips

Home is supposed to be a safe haven for you and your family. But sometimes, unexpected things can happen in the house, whether you’re there or away.

Such potential problems can arise in both your presence and absence, including:

  • Thieves /Burglars
  • Fires
  • Vandalism
  • Kidnappings, etc.

Therefore, you must do more to protect your home from unfortunate events. However, knowing only the basics won’t cut it anymore. Take a quick moment to look at your home from the outside, and then the inside. Then, learn what needs to be changed, as you read these 8 unusual home security tips that you probably didn’t know until now.

  1. Install A Key Lockbox

“Since keeping a spare key is commonplace, intruders have now taken advantage of that idea,” says Jacob Bloomberg, a web developer at 1 Day 2 write and Write my X. “So, instead of hiding your keys in the mailbox, under a potted plant, under the mat, or in a fake rock, invest in a key lockbox somewhere on your property. Lockboxes are ideal for backup keys; and they’re something that realtors would normally use. Plus, just like with your security system keypad, make sure nobody sees you enter the combination.”

  1. Don’t Let The World Know That You’ll Be Gone

Whenever you leave home (especially for longer periods of time), keep it to yourself! That means NOT mentioning it on any of your social media. Just because you share everything on social media doesn’t mean that you should share where you’ll be out of town. Your whereabouts – vacation, business trip, etc. – is considered sensitive information; so, keeping that hidden is the best way to protect your home from potential intrusions.

  1. Don’t Let Intruders Hide Anywhere

When trimming your trees and bushes, trim them to where someone can’t hide behind them, or to where they can’t access your windows. Trim back any shrubs that are high enough to block a window.

Also, use lighting on your property, so that intruders won’t think to try and hide in the very little shadow that there is around the home. Install lights at entrances, along with motion detection spotlights as a means to conserve energy and not annoy anyone with the bright lights.

  1. Keep Alarm Keypad Out Of Sight

While installing a home security system is a great way to prevent potential burglars, many people make the mistake of placing alarm pads by common entrances (i.e. the front door or back door). This lets burglars know exactly where to look, as they might observe you enter numbers into the keypad.

So, be mindful of where you install your keypad. Make sure no one from the outside can see you entering the code. And, if you can, have multiple keypads (one by an entrance, and one in your bedroom in case of a situation when you need to act fast).

  1. Put Away Ladders And Dangerous Tools

A thief may use an abandoned ladder in your yard to climb up to your windows. Or, tools like knives, hammers, axes, etc. just laying around outside might be used by intruders looking to harm and steal.

So, put away ladders and tools once you’re done with them. Don’t ever leave them out in the yard.

  1. Invest In Shatterproof Glass Or Film

Want safer windows? Consider buying shatterproof glass – this type of glass prevents anyone from breaking a window to get inside your home. Or, if you have a tight budget, buy security film for the windows which prevents the glass from shattering upon someone trying to break in.

  1. Plant Bushes, Vines, And Trees

“The truth is, Mother Nature can be an ally, when it comes to keeping away intruders,” says Jamie Warwick, a lifestyle blogger at Brit student and Next coursework. “Thorns from plants like vines, bushes, and trees can help keep strangers out. All you have to do is plant them underneath windows, so no one can climb through without getting stabbed by pricks.”

Here are some great examples of thorny bushes, vines, and trees:

  • Various mesquite plants
  • Honey Locust
  • Pyracantha (firethorn bush)
  • Roses with thorny stems and or vines
  1. Lock Everything

Finally, lock everything. You heard right! Lock EVERYTHING. Doors, windows, or anything that needs to be locked and double-checked before you leave home. Be sure to let your children and long-time guests know to do so.


Keeping your family, your belongings, and your home safe and secure is essential. By keeping in mind these 8 security tips, you can protect everyone and everything for years to come.

Michael dehoyos billy.comMichael Dehoyos is a writer and editor at Dissertation writing service and Write my dissertation. He is also a contributing writer at Origin Writings. As a marketer, he helps companies improve their marketing strategies and concepts.





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