7 Unconventional & Novel Home Improvement Tips for Freelance Writers

Do freelance writers have unique needs when it comes to home repair and Design? The answer is yes! In fact, if you are a freelance writer there is every chance that improvements can be made to your home that will add both beauty and functionality.


Check out 7 unconventional Home Improvement tips. They are designed with the freelance writer in mind.

  1.  Build a Cozy Library

It's true that the best writers are prolific readers. Why not pursue a passion for reading creating an attractive space for your books and a comfortable reading area.


This is such a great project because it can be done in almost any situation or budget. Do you have a whole room available? Plenty of money to spend? Great! How about some built-in shelves, a luxuriously comfortable chair, and a vintage lamp.


Are you short on cash in space? Try refurbishing an old bookshelf, add a comfortable yet functional chair, purchase an inexpensive side table. Use all of this to create a reading area in the corner of a well-lit room.

  1. Brighten Rooms With Some Color

Freelance writers spend plenty of time working from home. There are plenty of perks that go along with that. Unfortunately, if you spend all day staring at bare white or beige walls, it can seem a bit ‘institutional’. That can make the time drag, even make it difficult to stay on task.


The good news is that there is a fabulous solution. Add a splash of color to boring rooms to make them brighter, and more work-friendly. Even good paint is relatively inexpensive. Best of all, this is a great, DIY project that you can finish in just a day in most cases.


You don’t have to paint the entire room. You can add color by:


  • Painting one accent wall
  • Adding color to trim, window sills, and molding
  • Painting a door in a contrasting color
  • Adding colorful throw pillows, rugs, and other accessories


When you finish your project, you will notice a difference immediately. Color breaks up monotonous space, can improve lighting, even make a room seem more spacious.

  1. Add a State of the Art Coffee Bar

Not every freelancer loves coffee or tea, but it’s a fair bet that many of us do! In fact, 30 million Americans drink specialty coffee each day. That adds up. Even a relatively inexpensive three-dollar coffee adds up to over a thousand dollars each year. It may be worth installing your own coffee bar.


Not sure whether you can afford it? Once again, this is a project that can be done on a variety of budgets. Yes, you can go all out with a state-of-the-art espresso machine, and all the accessories. That might involve running a water line, even installing a sink. But, wouldn’t the results be absolutely marvelous? You could enjoy a decadent cup of coffee without leaving your home office.


Can you do this on a tight budget? Absolutely! Here are some tips:


  • Invest in a French press or pour-over coffee maker.
  • Purchase an inexpensive electric kettle for brewing tea.
  • Hit the thrift store for an attractive cream and sugar set.
  • Buy a bottle or two of your favorite flavored syrup.
  • Set out nice bowls for your favorite tea bags.
  • Place a narrow table against the wall to use as your ‘bar’.


Depending on what you can thrift or repurpose, you may be able to create an attractive coffee bar that saves you money for less than 200 dollars!

  1. Take Your Lighting to a New Level

There are many reasons to upgrade your lighting. If your home doubles as your workspace, you have a few more. When people think of creating a safe, ergonomic place to work, they tend to consider whether they have a supportive chair that encourages good posture and adjusting their desktop to avoid issues like repetitive motion injuries. Oftentimes, lighting is considered last, if at all.


If you are working from home, consider these principles for making your lighting design work for you:


  • You need multiple light sources to help you in the various tasks you perform throughout the day.
  • Pay attention to shadows and glares when you decide which lighting to use, and where to place it.
  • Natural lighting is great, but you may need curtains when it becomes too bright.
  • If you install adjustable lighting, you can create the perfect illumination for any task or time of day.


  1. Think About Climate Control in New Ways

Is there anything more miserable than trying to stay on task in a room that’s too hot, too cold, or too drafty? Imagine that you are working on a research proposal or helping a graduate applicant with a personal statement, but can’t focus. Then you need help from RushEssay with editing or proofreading to lighten your workload. There’s also a great chance that the room temperature is impacting your productivity.


Keep in mind that what is comfortable for hanging out and watching TV is not always the best climate for working. Also, an HVAC system that needs updating may not seem so problematic until you spend so many hours per day living with it.


Here are some small upgrades you can try:


  • Try a space heater or small in-room A/C unit to control your office temperature without impacting the rest of your house.
  • Get a smart thermostat that you can control from your smartphone.
  • Consider a whole-house fan or window fans to improve overall airflow.
  • Add a humidifier or air purifier to improve air quality.
  • Ensure that windows are screened, so they can be opened for fresh air.


If you have pets or live in a home that generates a significant amount of dust, consider duct cleaning services.

  1. Give Yourself a Gardening Outlet

Most freelancers work from home. Over time, you may find yourself associating home with work, and not much that is enjoyable. This can lead to your own house becoming a place of stress. Consider a project that ensures your home is also a place of enjoyment.


One way to do this is through gardening. Set up an attractive, user-friendly garden space. Not only will you enjoy the activity as an outlet, but you will also enjoy the fruits (and flowers!) of your labor.


The process is probably less complex and laborious than you imagine. You can begin with a few herbs or flowers in containers. Connect with a local landscaper as well! They will be able to help you get started and suggest plants that are ideal for your experience level and lifestyle.

  1. Isn’t Time For a Real Home Gym

Do you find yourself eating at your desk while working? Maybe you are taking more trips to the fridge than before. That’s not unusual, considering so many writers are adjusting to new work environments. To make things more complex, many fitness chains and neighborhood gyms are still closed. Those that are open may have limited hours. This makes it difficult to access the machines and classes you prefer.


Maybe it’s time to dedicate some space to an in-home gym. Yes, this is an investment. You’ll need to purchase equipment, mats, and perhaps access some in-home fitness videos. But, isn’t your health worthwhile.

Final Thoughts

As a freelance writer, your productivity depends on a welcoming, comfortable work environment. In most cases, that environment is your home. Consider tackling one of the tips here and let professionals help you improve your workspace to ensure you are working at your best!




Dorian Martin is a professional writer, editor, and proofreader with many years of experience. Currently, he applies his writing skills working for a thesis writing site where he helps students with their academic assignments. After Dorian improved the interior of the house on his own, he decided to share some useful renovation tips with his readers.

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