Four Signs You Need Your Home Siding Replaced |

Siding is your home’s first line of defense against harsh environmental factors. Learn which signs indicate it’s time for an exterior upgrade.

Some of the most reliable siding types can last for 70 to 80 years. However, even the most durable siding has its vulnerabilities. Sun, precipitation, and other environmental factors will affect its lifespan. New siding can increase home value, saving you from future home repair investments and an unsightly home. Learn the four signs you need your home siding replaced so you can reap the perks of replacement.

Warped, Rotting, Bubbling, or Faded Siding

Warped and Rotting

Extreme weather conditions can cause siding to warp over time. They can also cause a rotting underlayer, which you can identify by gently poking under the warped sections with a screwdriver. A soft or spongy feel indicates that it’s time for a new installation.


If you see bubbles forming under your siding’s paint, it means that moisture is trapped beneath the surface. Trapped water means your home’s exterior isn’t effectively sealed. Improper sealing increases siding’s susceptibility to rot.


It’s natural for siding paint to fade with time, but severe fading may signify that your siding’s due for a replacement.

Loose or Cracked Siding

Loose or cracked siding can result from sudden or harsh impact. While the occasional cracked siding panel is a quick fix, routine repairs typically imply a bigger issue.

When you notice a loose or cracked siding board, don’t hesitate to contact your local contractor. The longer you wait, the worse your home exterior’s condition will get and the costlier the repair will be.

Mold, Mildew, or Fungus

One key sign you need your home siding replaced is the presence of mold. People don’t often find mold, mildew, and fungus on siding, but it does happen. It’s likely to be caught around exterior seams.

A Spike in Energy Bills

Are your heating and cooling bills higher than usual? This may mean your siding isn’t performing as well as it used to. Poor quality siding or improper installation can leave you with steep fees for your HVAC system. By splurging on high-grade siding, you can diminish the drastic cost to maintain a comfortable temperature at home.

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