Farmhouse Style Ideas To Enhance Your Home

Comfort has become a priority for people who renovated and redecorated their homes in 2020, and experts predict that coziness and tradition will continue to be a big focus for homeowners in the coming year. As people are seeking to make their living spaces more inviting, it's expected that the farmhouse style trend will still be going strong in 2021, as this type of decorating scheme is calm, relaxing, and full of character ,without without being too cluttered. To inject some warmth into your décor, consider these farmhouse style ideas to enhance your home

Add some reclaimed wood to your home

Every place has a different interpretation of farmhouse style. For instance, in France, farmhouse style means using stone and wood in soft and muted colors with dramatic accessories, such as elaborate chandelier. In New England, it's all about simplicity and lots of wood and gypsum on the walls. Meanwhile, in ranches and estates seen in Texas, there are some farmhouses that are built of fieldstone and reclaimed wood. To add an authentic farmhouse touch to your home, attach some reclaimed wood planks to one wall in your living room, and consider having exposed wood beams on the ceiling. You can also replace your coffee table with a sturdy one made of reclaimed or distressed wood to add a rustic vibe to your space.

Use neutral colors

Farmhouse décor means using neutral colors to furnish your home, so think of using a cool neutral palette such as light pewter, white and slate gray, or warm neutrals such as oatmeal, ivory and taupe. You can incorporate color by adding touches of deep green, pale blue or navy here and there, or add a splash of color on the wall with a vibrant painting or a tapestry. You can also place patterned rugs on the floors to add warmth, as well as metallic accents such as rose gold pendant lights in the kitchen for visual interest.   

Furnish with pieces made from natural materials

Pieces made from natural materials such as wicker and rattan can give your home a country feel. Try having wickers chairs and footstools in the living room, and hang some wicker baskets in the kitchen. Meanwhile, to add more texture to your living space, place sisal rugs in high traffic areas such as the hallways, steps and entryways. These rugs will protect your wooden floors from wear, and while they may feel rough underfoot, they'll eventually soften over time. 

Bring in some live plants

No farmhouse is complete without a few live plants. If you're going for a French country farmhouse style, display pots of lavender in your living space, and place the pots in wicker baskets for a cohesive look. A fiddle leaf fig or rubber plant in the sitting room or dining room will add a touch of nature to your space, while a collection of mini succulents in metallic or glass holders will be a charming addition to your coffee table. 

Try these decorating ideas to add some farmhouse style to your home. It's one of the easiest ways to add charm and warmth to your living space. 

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