How Contractors Estimate a Remodeling Job

Contractors’ licenses don’t come with a built-in guide on how to estimate a remodeling job. Whether you learn the ropes of bidding through training or trial and error, contractors who deliver accurate estimates tend to build better reputations. The same basic principles of how to bid a construction job hold true for almost any type of project. Contractors should always factor in material and labor costs and account for the possibility of damage or delays that could occur at any point in order to be better prepared.


Estimating a Remodel


Any contractor who takes on remodeling work should be familiar with the basics of how to bid small construction jobs. The specifications and requirements for a remodel may not be as complex as a new build, but it is still important to do detailed item, equipment and labor cost calculations ahead of time.


If you have a portfolio of completed projects, you may be able to dial in more accurate estimates based on recent rates. New contractors learning how to bid a construction job while seeking home improvement leads should research price ranges for similar work. Although a low-end estimate may win a bid, a wildly inaccurate quote will eventually cause problems.



Condition and Use


There is no substitute or replacement for experience when it comes to estimating labor hours and whether subcontractors will be necessary to get a job done right. One of the single most important qualifications for how to bid a construction job is having a professional eye.




The scale of a remodeling project is another critical factor. Property owners should expect that large jobs will require more materials and may take longer to do. Specialized expertise is helpful when it comes to standing out as the right choice for a particular remodeling challenge. Marketing your skills is an essential element of how to bid small construction jobs.




It is important to be familiar with the materials that you will be working with. In an effort to better determine how to bid a construction job, consult with an expert or experiment with a particular material that you are unfamiliar with. This will help you be prepared for potential problems that may arise, or help you determine if subcontracting out specialized work is necessary.


Many new contractors learning how to estimate a remodeling job calculate estimates “by the stick” for detailed pricing breakdowns. When estimating countertops, tile, wood flooring, or other materials that must be measured and cut to size or shape, add a few extra sticks to account for damage and unavoidable waste.





A remodel may present a variety of challenges related to how to bid a construction job. Property owners may change plans as work gets underway, or a job may turn out to be more complicated than anticipated. One of the most crucial lessons in how to bid residential construction jobs involves accounting for the possibility of difficulties and delays.




One of the best ways to stand out from other general contractor leads for remodeling projects is to offer clients the skills they in the moment. If you can start and finish the project on or around set dates, you are more likely to earn positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals.


Why Accurate Estimates Matter


Clients are not the only people who benefit when a contractor completes a remodel on budget and schedule. Having a reputation for knowing how to bid a construction job and being an accurate and honest professional should lead to more work. In addition to knowing how to estimate a remodeling job, you should be aware of the usefulness of an accurate estimation.


How to Bid Small Construction Jobs


No matter who a client ends up hiring to do a remodel, the bidding process for general contractors is driven by estimates. Most property owners do not have the skill level necessary to determine whether a contractor is going about a task in the best way possible, but they are capable of comparing costs. Making detailed and informative estimates is the most important part of how to bid a construction job.

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