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Keeping yourself safe in any situation is essential, but what about your house? No matter where you live, your house can always be a target for burglars. However, to help prevent break-ins and deter intruders, you can use these different ways to make your home more secure.

Add Sensors to the Windows

The first part of your home to consider is your windows. They’re breakable and are the first entry point for intruders. Even on the second level, windows are still vulnerable to break-ins. In addition to locking them each night, you should also install a sensor.

These alarm systems are small enough to fit on a windowpane or the base of a door, and the alarm alerts you immediately when someone touches the window. These gadgets are easy to install and require little maintenance.

Set Up Decoys in the House

If you have valuables, keeping them hidden somewhere safe is essential, but if someone breaks in, you can lessen the chances of finding your stuff by creating a decoy box.

Find a box and place costume jewelry inside it—layer scraps of paper on top of the jewelry to obscure the contents. Keep the box out in the open such as on a nightstand or dresser and your authentic jewelry tucked away somewhere else. If robbers come through, they’ll grab the decoy box and leave your real valuables untouched. Most thieves won’t stop to check the inside of the box closely if they’re trying to get quickly in and out of the house.

Secure Your Doors

Doors are more customizable now than in the last several decades. While updating your security features, consider metal frames and other door features for a more secure home. Standard hinges are also vulnerable to breaks, so installing a security hinge on the door helps prevents the entrance from breaking.

Use Deadbolts Instead of Chain Locks

A chain lock stops the door from opening, but it’s only temporary. Chain locks are easy to break, so use a deadbolt to keep the door securely shut. Many door manufacturers recommend deadbolts because they’re stronger and don’t rust.

Buy a Smart Doorbell

Smart doorbells are one of the best solutions to keeping the house secure. The doorbell has a video tracking system that you can control and view via your smartphone. An app will alert you when someone is at or around the house. This is also a bonus if you’re home alone and someone comes to the door. No need to answer it to know if it’s just your food delivery or someone who should not be there.

Keep your house and loved ones safe with the best door security features. Knowing that intruders won’t enter your home with these enhancements in place will help you sleep better at night, even while you’re away from home.

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