7 factors you should consider before planning your home renovation

Home renovations are exciting. By giving yourself a home makeover, you are preparing to give yourself a new environment that can guarantee you relaxation and comfort.  Home renovations give you the chance to follow your own tastes and style in your surroundings. A home makeover is like Christmas because the end results will be as surprising and as enjoyable as opening a box of gifts. You will be enjoying an ambiance that is something new and can be enjoyed for the long term. A home renovation is one of the best gifts you can give yourself because your surroundings affect your mood and your well-being. When you change your surroundings, you give yourself the chance to change your inner state because you know you will be going home to a totally relaxing environment at the end of a workday. Home renovations can be a messy process, however, but it’s a small price to pay for end results that are infinitely satisfying.


7 Factors to Consider Prior to your Home Renovation Project


Plan your end goals

girl painting ceilingIf you are going for a home renovation you must have a goal in mind. Are you planning to change the overall look of your house to make it more aesthetic or are you just making fixes so everything in your house will run smoothly and efficiently? The type of goal you have will determine the kind of skilled talent you have to hire and will also determine the budget you will have to allow for the project. The type of project will also determine the length of time it will take you to get it all done. Some things to keep in mind when you do renovations is if it will give you a good return of investments such as if it will increase the value of your property. When you have set goals in place you can begin thinking on how to plan your days and how you can make adjustments in your routine to make sure you will have a successful and hassle-free home renovation.


Hire a designer

Home renovations cost a lot so do not attempt to do it all by yourself or you will just end up making huge mistakes. Designers such as architects and interior signers know their craft well so, in the end, you will be saving money because you will be guided by a professional. Designers also have an idea on how to efficiently do a home renovation and can get you the best prices for materials and décor if you request it of them. Make sure you will be getting a designer or architect that understands your goals. You have to communicate with them effectively so you can understand their plans for your home renovation. When you have clear communication with your designers you will get better results and the amount you paid them will give you satisfaction in the end.

Have a deadline

Home renovations can’t last forever or they will cost you tons of money. You must have a clear plan and set direction on how to achieve the small goals in each phase of the project. You must make sure that everyone in your design team up to your contractors understand that there is a time limit to the project. Everyone must do the job efficiently so the goals will be met. In this case, you shouldn’t apply too many changes or additions midway because it will cause the project to stretch out and will require additional adjustments from everyone concerned. Before you even start a project, you need a clear plan so everything will be a streamlined process once your workmen start tearing up your walls and floors and applying paint. You must already have a good idea and visualization in mind of the end result of your project so you won’t get frustrated or disappointed with anything that is happening mid-way.

Invest in quality

high end wood floorYou should know what to invest in and where to save. You must focus on the essentials and only buy high-quality items that you use a lot such as doorknobs, doors, hinges, faucets, appliances, and kitchen cabinets. These are the items you use and touch most often so they must be sturdy enough not to break after short use. Invest heavily on these types of items and make sure they will be durable and long lasting. High-quality items also increase the aesthetic appeal of your home. When it comes to décor you should be able to judge where you can save and mix and match expensive objects with cheap and mid-range items.

Know the measurements

You would be putting in a lot of items in your newly renovated home and it is important for you to know all the measurements for each. You should know the measurements of each furniture you bring into your home and if it will fit the space allotted. Although you can return furniture that doesn’t fit the entire process of arranging furniture will be a lot of hassle if you don’t know the exact measurements. Choose only the kinds of furniture and fixtures that will look great and match your space.

Don’t renovate too many rooms

When you are thinking of renovation you must focus on one are only. If you focus on too many areas you will not end up with good results because the entire project will require a bloated budget you may not be able to afford in the end. Focus only on the areas you spend the most time in. Usually, that area is the living room. Focus on this room and then move on to the next when the opportunity and your budget allows it.

Protect your furniture during the renovation

Renovations can be messy and you will need to seal off areas in your home as well as protect valuable items and furniture. You need a tarp that can easily be laid out on the floor or used as a wrapping for furniture. When your clean areas are secured you can breathe a sigh of relief that they won’t be ruined by dust or paint spills.


Home renovation is exciting but you have to make the right plans and make the right decisions to ensure you will have a successful and stress-free home renovation. Hire experts every step of the way to save on time and money. Good communication with your designers and clear implementation of plans will ensure that your home renovation will be finished on time and will achieve your target goals.


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Megan Jones is a writer and a home redesigning lover who works with Grizzly Tarps.

Having a huge experience in renovating and remodeling, Megan has gained some valuable knowledge, which she is now actively promoting.


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