5 Important Considerations Before You Redo your Roof

No house can look complete without a roof. It faces all the weather extremes and still stands strong. It is what shelters us from the brunt of wind forces, scorching sun rays, and pouring rain. It is the “helmet for the house ” that must be rock-solid.

A robust roof has three key aspects: the covering; to keep your house dry, the structure (framing and sheathing); to support the covering, and the connections; between structure and the walls below.

There’s always a lot riding on your roof. Once it goes up, it stays there – for life! Be it scorching sun, pounding rain, gusting wind, or snow, a roof is never relieved of its duties. It protects your family.

It is vital to give the roof the importance it deserves. So, when it comes to renovating your house, the roof should be your top consideration. Putting in a new roof is one of the biggest investments you will make in your life.

The thought of it – taking the roof down and putting up a new one – can be intimidating. To get it done right, you must do thorough research. Here are a few things that you should consider before redoing your roof.

1. Shop Around

Not every roofer cares about the customers’ satisfaction since renewing a roof is once or twice in a lifetime decision. It means they don’t have to care if the business returns. Moreover, many house owners mistakenly hire their roofers primarily based on the lowest possible bid.

These cheap roofers then hire low-wage workers with no expertise, leaving you to suffer in the end. So, better to invest wisely and carefully. You can get references for efficient service providers from Google. You can also see genuine reviews there.

I can vouch for this online review thing because I availed it recently. When I opened a new warehouse in Dallas and wanted to hire a contractor to redo the roof, all I did was to type “Dallas commercial roofing contractors,” and I got a list of best available contractors within microseconds.

Therefore, it is better to do some research before you decide on a contractor. It can be through word of mouth or online reviews. It is all to make sure that you land into the best deal possible for you.

2. Strip away the old

An ideal roof should have two layers of asphalt shingles. So, if you only have one at this moment, you can have another installed right on its top. It will save you around $1,000.

However, it implies that roofers can inspect and repair the flashing and decking underneath. If you live in colder regions, stripping away the old layer enables the contractor to install ice and water shields as well.

It is a rubber membrane that is used to stop leakage at the eaves during ice buildup. This all makes tear-off way more complicated with something other than asphalt up there.

If the original wood shingles are visible on the underside of your roof, then you will have to not only to tear everything off but also to get a new plywood decking. It can cost you around $5,000.

Furthermore, asphalt roofing is one of the ceiling materials that offer the best aesthetics, ease of installation, and requires less maintenance. The table below shows why asphalt roofing has the edge over other roofing materials:

Via asphaltroofing.org

3. Go Top Shelf

To ensure you won’t have to worry about your roof ever again, choose top quality products. Don’t compromise on that to save a few hundred dollars. It means 50-year shingles with the most extended period of warranty with just $300 to $500 addition to your total cost.

More to it, you can amp up the value of your house with an architectural look (changing color and thickness) for only $250 to $750 extra. You might also want to opt for copper flashing, the most durable metal to seal-off the joints (the point where the roof meets the wall or another ceiling).

It might add another $1,000 or more compared to aluminum. But, this all will be worth the money both in terms of quality and durability.

4. Pay Attention to the Paperwork

A quick roof redo job takes up to two to five days, based on the size and style of the roof. Replacing a roof involves a considerable amount of liability and money.

Three documents are must ensure that you’re getting the job done in the right way:

1) Building permit for a roofing project. It can ensure your contractor follows building regulations. Also, your roof warranty is possibly void if you do not get the permit.

2) A contract must be signed that specifies all the details of the process, including the cost both parties agree on.

3) A letter from the contractor’s insurance agency to confirm that the project is covered under the contractor’s workforce compensation and liability plan.

5. Don’t Pay Until You See the Magnet

Stripping off an old roof means hundreds of nails that have to be taken out. They fall on your floor, porch, and garden. However, professional roofers keep a tool to ease the picking up process —a giant magnet on wheels that they move to clutch the nails so that they won’t cause any injuries.

But, the roofers’ team doesn’t always remember to bring that tool to the job site. So, if there are still nails around the house, at the time of full payment, ask the roofers to bring that magnet for the cleanup operation.

What a Good Roof Looks Like and Be Sure You Get One

The keys to getting a new and good roof you enjoy now, which serves you well in the years to come are:

  • Before choosing material and color, look at different houses in person or online, to narrow down your options as to what suits your home the best.
  • Study the materials you are going to use in all the replacement processes, and compare brands to get your hands on the best one.
  • Read about the warranties available for the ceiling materials you are thinking of using.
  • Get the ball rolling by using the tips mentioned above.

Final Word

The ultimate goal is to choose the quality roofing, which looks good in your home. Also, you would want to get the job done at a competitive price and from the best contractors in your town. Don’t just jump into the decision; keep all the considerations in mind before you reach any choice or kickoff the roof redo process. Happy Roofing!

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