Commercial Building Tips From Top Architects


Constructing the perfect commercial building can be a monumental task. Between the structure itself and the rest of the site, it’s crucial to balance building and decorating. Finding the right mix of architectural pizzazz and professional class often seems impossible. 


Forming a team of experts can help you plan your commercial building from start to finish. Seek an architect that shares your vision for your space. Look for specialty vendors that can help you find everything from the right flooring to the perfect lighting. Also, secure a team of commercial painters that can ensure that your new interior and exterior walls are finished beautifully.


When the weight of managing the design and development of your commercial site becomes too much, its best to leave the tough decisions in the hands of the professionals. Luckily, after decades of work in commercial buildings, the best of the best spilled some of their secrets to creating the perfect site! 

Use the Area to Your Advantage 

When planning out the architecture of your site, take a good glance at the surrounding area. You want your commercial building to stick out, but it should also appear to belong in the space. 


Take note of the neighboring architecture, culture, and nature. Don’t force yourself to stand out! Let the design of your site speak for itself. Using the local beauty you can enhance the look of your commercial site and develop that personal yet professional feel!


Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the influence of other commercial sites in your area. It’s important to stand out on your own but there’s no harm from learning from other’s success! Often the best inspiration for your new addition to the neighborhood is right in front of you!

Make it Match

Architecture is beautiful and complex and allows for the utmost expression of human creativity, but its critical that you keep that creative spirit on track. If a building, especially a commercial site, gets too wild, you can end up with a mismatched mess!


When designing your building, decide on a cohesive style, and stick to it! Hone in on one design that fits your needs and style and focus all your energy and attention to making it look as beautiful as can be! Devote your time, energy, and capital to one style and form the site into the gorgeous work of architecture you need to wow onlookers, customers, and future business partners!


Having a unique but unified building gives your site that extra business flare and keeps possible customers coming back for a second glance! 

Coordinate Colors 

city scape


Color is a crucial aspect of any building, and commercial real estate is no different.  Painting your commercial building is one of the best ways to illuminate the best aspects of the architecture! It also adds to the curb appeal of your building.


However, finding the right shade of paint to add the finishing touches to your building can seem impossible. What colors will bring out the beauty of the building? How do I match the color pallet to my overall style? That’s why such artistry is best left to the pros!


Hire a team of professional commercial painters to tackle all your artistry needs! Commercial painters will have years of expertise in bringing out the best in your build! The right group of experts will be able to identify the right paint colors for your site and create the perfect look for your building! 

Fit the Foliage 

One of the most attractive aspects of any commercial site is finding the right range of plants and foliage. The perfect landscape architecture can bring out the true beauty of the building’s architecture and make the best features of your site stand out!


Just like designing the build itself, landscaping and gardening take a lot of forethought and planning. Picking just the right amount of plants for the overall look of the site is crucial to enhance your commercial build! You want to add to the appeal, not distract from it.


Before even considering filling your yard with a jungle of plant life, make sure that you can care for the oncoming vegetation. No plants are better than dead ones and you want to be absolutely certain that you can afford to keep up the landscaping. 


When deciding on landscaping, start way earlier than you need to finish the build! Plants take time to grow into their space and it’s best to get the ball rolling sooner than later. That way, when it comes time to make the big reveal, there won’t be a yard full of premature weeds crowding the lawn. 


Make sure the plants and greenery you choose match both the vibe you are going for and the surrounding areas. Your foliage should fit in with your building, whether you are trying to create a structured look or one that’s more organic. Also, it’s better to make use of the native species that grow in the neighborhood than to try and force foreign samples into uncharted territory. 

The Importance of Good Lighting 

Another crucial focal point of any space is its use of lighting. What windows, interior, and exterior lighting fixtures could you use to give your building that little extra elegance? These features are great for highlighting areas that can truly shine!


Fit the windows to the style of your building. Match them accordingly to the overall aesthetic of the site so it fits with the theme. You don’t want them to seem out of place or pull attention away from other aspects of the site. Invest in windows that are simple but chic and easy to clean so the entire building stays spotless. 


Play with light colors and look for the best hue to match the style. The proper lighting can be utilized to bring out the very best features of the build and show off the glorious architecture!

Tie It All In

city scape with water


Constructing the perfect commercial building is a labor of love and requires a passion for architecture and design. It can take years to master the skills needed to pull off a professional yet gorgeous build, and even longer to pick up the eye for style. 


With all the professionals in the field ready to come to your rescue, there’s no need to leave yourself stranded tackling all the bits and pieces yourself!  Don’t be afraid to ask for help! The pros in the field have been at their trades for decades and know all the right tips and tricks. Lean on their knowledge to build your commercial site up to its very best!


Take some helpful hints from the best of the best and create the commercial building of your dreams! 

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