Best Tiles For Classic Living Rooms

There are some design options that will always be timeless. In this article, we take a look at some tiling options that are timeless for the living room.


The living room is one part of the house, that you will want to make sure stands out in terms of decor and feel. Afterall, this is the part of the house that is most accessible to anyone entering the home. This is where you host guests and any visitors to the home. As such, you would want to make sure that it is perfectly decorated and is done so in such a way that it visibly reflects who you are and your personality.


As this is the part of the house this is probably the most well-frequented zone of your home, the floors of the living room are particularly prone to all sorts of wear and tear, and spills and stains as well. However, for the sole reason that it will endure the most fatigue among the rooms in the home, it does not mean that you cannot give it an overhaul aesthetically that delivers not only on style but also on substance as well. A lot of factors need to be considered before you hone in on a particular type of tile. Factors like installation ease, durability, economy, substance and style all come into play. It is also important to be wary of the material before you make a decision that will have to last for a long time. From the traditional looks of Athangudi to porcelain tiles that are patterned, you will find a whole host of designs from the following categories of hard-wearing tiles that are meant for the classic living room.

Athangudi Tiles

With these tiles, you can infuse into your home a sense of timeless tradition. These types of tiles are handmade from a mixture that contains sand and cement and it is then afterwards crowned by a polished hand-poured surface, These types of tiles are available in a whole host of colors, styles and designs. Their range extends from vibrant hues and mellow blues to styles of floral depictions and drawings that are very simple in nature. This type of tile is the perfect amalgamation of elegance and endurance.




  • Can be customized into different layouts
  • Relatively more affordable than other cement tiles
  • Has a history of being low-maintenance and also easy to clean


  • There is a possibility of uneven joints due to hand-moulding process
  • It can be challenging to pair them with other tiles, since most of the other varieties of tiles are much cheaper than this type of tiles.
  • Is prone to getting minor scratches on surface

Ceramic Tiles

These are tiles that are considered to be absolute architectural gems which can be used in a wide array and variety of environments. It is made with a combination of minerals, chemical agents, natural clay, water and pigments. They are also baked at extremely high temperatures. These types of tiles are resistant to stains and water but they do tend to be prone to chipping and cracking easily. If your living room is of the kind that experiences a whole lot of traffic, these tiles may not be the best suited tiles for your living room.




  • Easily available and relatively affordable
  • These are available in a variety of custom cuts, shapes, patterns and designs, finishes and it also enables bespoke layouts
  • Very easy to clean




  • Tiles that are glazed tend to be very slippery, you should ideally opt for the matte-finish tiles instead
  • Provides for a cold and also a hard surface which is not the most comfortable to stand on.

Porcelain Tiles

This type of flooring tiles has made it a very special cachet in the realm of flooring. It is renowned for being stronger, purer, more impervious and also much more durable than ceramic tiles. This type of tiles are made with clay and mineral components and is then proceeded to be heated to extremely high temperatures. The fact that porcelain tiles are so durable is due to the fact that its manufacturing process is extremely elaborate. These tiles are perfectly suited for any living rooms that experience a lot of traffic.




  • Is extremely tough, durable and dense.
  • Can withstand very high levels of stress
  • More impervious than other, more porous, types of ceramic
  • Naturally stain-resistant, incombustible and very low-maintenance




  • A bit more expensive than the ceramic alternative
  • Grout has the potential to succumb to humidity and moisture as well and this can quite easily lead to discoloration

Tiles that are Vitrified


Vitrified tiles are tiles that are made through a very unique process called vitrification. It is made from a combination of silica, clay, feldspar and quartz and these tiles are known for their very low levels of porosity. These tiles are also very much superior to tiles made from ceramic and porcelain in terms of their strength and durability. These can also be tailored to be made to look like they were made from marble and granite. Just because of their tremendous ability to withstand pressure and movement, these types of tiles are absolutely perfect for living rooms that are busy and bustling and also rooms and spaces that hold the heaviest furniture within the home.



  • Very, very durable and stain and scratch resistant
  • Very easy to clean and is also low maintenance
  • Ideal for living rooms that experience a lot of activity within it.



  • It is much more expensive than ceramic or porcelain options
  • The edges around the joints of these tiles has the potential to wear over time.


The living room is the perfect place in your home where you can adequately show off your personality and character with how the room has been decorated and designed. Remember decor and design is more than just about functionality, it is much more than that. A well decorated living room can make being in that space so much more enjoyable.

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