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Applications for a Mini Excavator

mini excavator is another name for a compact excavator. They’re about the size of a skid steer and have countless uses. They’re versatile machines meant for use on a smaller construction project and mini hole digging. Check out all the cool applications for a mini excavator you may not have heard of.

Repairing sewer lines

Mini excavators are perfect for repairing sewer lines. While you could use a full-sized excavator for sewer repairs, they cost a lot and take up space. With a mini excavator you can maneuver tighter spaces to dig to the depth needed to get to the line. Their size makes them very efficient and quick.

Installing pools and hot tubs

The long arm on mini excavators gives them the ability to work well in tight spaces. The operator can use the arm to extend over the pool hole to throw the dirt away without refilling the hole by accident. They’re generally accepted as the best piece of equipment to dig holes to install pools and hot tubs because of its mobility, flexibility, and efficiency at these projects.

Plowing snow

By attaching a special blade to your mini excavator, you can take it from an expert hole-digger to a snow-clearing hero. Their small size and ability to move quickly—even in tight spaces—makes them perfect for snow clearing. They aren’t as bulky as a traditional snow plow, so they can easily clear out squished and hard to reach places, dig cars out of snow banks, and even clear pathways.

Clearing debris

Mini excavators can pick up, move, and clear all sorts of debris. From wood remnants in a forest to disaster area clean up, they can do it all. They’re a popular choice for debris clearing because of their nimble speed and ability to safely fit into small spaces.

Putting up fences

Since they’re great for digging small holes, they obviously make the perfect sized holes for posts. Whether you plan to put up a small fence in your residential area or a large one around a commercial building or complex, a mini excavator can really speed up your work.

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