9 Home Security Tips You Must Know

Securing the house is the topmost priority after owning one. While decorating interiors and landscaping the garden, securing homes is the full measure to ensure your and your loved ones’ safety. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate, and one can use plenty of methods to keep the house safe and keep burglars at bay. Let us help you with nine home security tips that you can apply to make your house secure and safe.

1. Peephole

This is the most common and useful security tool. Extremely easy to install, this tool lets you see people on the other side of the door. So if you have an unwanted visitor at your doorstep, you can peep through it and decide if you want to attend or not. Installing peepholes at the main door should be the first step when you are deciding on ways to secure your house. Despite living in the times when technology is advancing rapidly and is providing us with proceeding options, installing a peephole is a cheap yet very effective way to ensure that you remain secure at your home.


2. Wireless doorbell

Doorbells have been an essential element of every household. Very basic but equally important, they help us notifying that visitors are at your doorstep. With the advancing times, the doorbells now are wireless and often come attached with the camera for better security, so that you permit entry of people you know. Apart from the information given, you can know more at theminichip. Also, the wireless doorbell is equipped with a speaker and microphone to enable communication with the visitors standing outside.

3. Wireless window alarms

Adhering to the first rule of defense, one should ensure to secure doors and windows. Wireless alarms qualify as a great option to avoid burglars. The raised alarm will catch even the slightest of their attempt at opening the window. Install them at windows or at the hidden areas of the house to secure every corner of your home and stay stress-free while sleeping.

4. Secure the doors

Front doors provide access to homes, and that is why they need the utmost attention while doing security measures. First of all, ensure that your door frames are strong enough to sustain any damages; secondly, watch for safe hinges, and thirdly if you are moving to a house that someone else used to live in, make sure to change the door locks.

Other than this, you can also rely on the technology to take the rest of your worries while you go on a vacation away from home. Use smart locks as they allow you to monitor, lock, and unlock remotely. 

5. Solar panel charges batteries

The motion detector is the latest trend in home security systems. They have been very useful for high-security areas like banks, and jewelry shops. And they can be very useful for your home security purpose also. You can buy them at reasonable prices. The advantages of these are they also run on the solar power supply if they ever go out of batteries. Just make sure that the solar panels receive adequate direct sunlight.

6. Alarm systems

Easy to install and cheaper, alarm systems are a full-proof way to secure your home. They come with a starter kit, so you don’t need any professional for setup. Wireless alarm systems are also available in the market, with a control unit, arming station, and a motion sensor. The alarm system will notify you in case any burglar tries to enter without authorization.

7. Lockdown WiFi

Cybercrime is another factor one should take care of while securing home. Your wireless network can also be hacked to access your personal and financial information. While you take care of securing your doorways and windows, you should also enable WPA encryption and use a firewall to secure your wireless router. Create strong passwords and make sure you change them periodically. Try to locate your wifi router in a place where it’s signal doesn’t reach beyond the periphery of your house. Wifi signals that reach outside the house may attract potential intruders to access your network. Don’t forget to adjust the transmit power of your router to let the signals confined within the periphery of your houses. 


8. Home Automation

Home automation allows controlling appliances at your fingertips. The latest advancement in-home safety technology makes sure that you can take care of everything even when you are not at home. It enables you to lock the door through the phone. You can get alerts on your phone if someone visits you. It also allows for monitoring activities inside the home. All you need is to install a home automation system, and your smartphone will take care of the rest. Extremely convenient for every individual, it saves time as well as money.


9. Install a safe

In case someone gets access to your house despite other security measures, make sure that your valuables remain safe in a “safe.” A secure depository that is waterproof, fire-resistant, and heavy in weight can take care of the essential documents, jewelry, or cash in the home. Get a safe with redundant locks to protect your vitals.


Figuring out the home safety measures is no rocket science. It is all about deciding on the devices to invest. While there is no upward limit for investments in your house, spending money on these affordable home security equipment will serve all your concerns regarding the safety of your house. Advanced, inexpensive, and smart devices will help you in guarding your valuable assets while you go away to work or on vacations. Identify what is suitable for you according to your daily routine, location, and neighborhood. Be aware of every possible security risks and prepare your house accordingly


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