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When we think of home safety, the first thing that usually springs to mind is securing the home from intruders. Once homeowners install a home security system, some can become complacent about other tasks that affect home safety. Beyond the alarm, here are seven ways to make your home safer this spring.

Clean Dryer Vents

A clogged dryer vent can lead to a fire. Even if you routinely clean your machine’s lint screen, lint can still build up in the vent tubing that leads to the vent opening outside. Make sure the vent exit has a screen that allows vapors to escape but keeps critters out. Hire a professional appliance repair person to ensure your dryer vent is clean, from the machine to the exterior of your home.

Update Outdoor Lighting and House Numbers

Your alarm system won’t be much help if first responders can’t find your house. Clean or replace your house numbers, and ensure the exterior lighting is functioning correctly. Replace burned-out lights and make sure motion detectors are working correctly.

Inspect Trees for Disease and Storm Damage

Winter can be hard on trees. Storms, summer drought, winter monsoons, and ice can destabilize trees and cause limb damage. Look around your property and make a note of trees that look distressed—they could be in danger of falling. Contact a professional tree service to trim or remove dying or damaged trees.

When spring comes, cut back shrubs that provide potential hiding places for intruders. Make sure your view is clear from your home’s first-floor windows.

Repair Fencing

If you haven’t walked the perimeter of your property’s fencing recently, do so. You may discover holes, rot, or places where animals have dug right under. Replace damaged fencing sections, or consider replacing the entire fence with something more durable if your fence is getting old or unstable.

Change Your Smoke and Carbon Dioxide Detector Batteries

This small task should be a no-brainer for making your home safer this spring. If you didn’t take care of it just before the holiday season, now is the time to replace the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

You may see that a light is on, but your smoke alarm may not have enough power to alert you in an emergency. Test your alarms and replace batteries if the detectors are malfunctioning. Make this an annual habit, so you’ll always remember to replace the batteries.

Replace Faulty Locks

Locks can loosen, and warping, swelling, or shrinkage can affect their function in older doors. If your door locks don’t feel snug, or you have to fidget with your keys to get them to turn in the lock, it may be time to replace the lock, the key, or both.

Secure Yard Tools

Don’t leave your yard tools outside as you begin your spring yard cleanup. Burglars consider a shovel or a hoe a gift for breaking windows or prying doors open. Secure your yard tools in your garage or shed to make them unavailable to the bad guys.

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