7 Ideas to inspire you for your next bathroom renovation

Envisage a fanciful walk-in shower that washes you and your sleepiness away every morning….


Having a nicely designed place to shower can certainly breathe a new life into your bathroom interior.

Your morning shower is something you do daily anyway, so why not do it a bit stylishly? According to Soakology, in the US, showers last for an average of 13 minutes.

Isn’t it a good idea to spend those 13 minutes in a serene, beautifully designed place to help you rejuvenate?

If you are considering a bathroom renovation anytime soon, you may be on a lookout for unique design ideas to incorporate in it. It is indeed a multistep process. It requires you to make the right decisions; else, all your money can go waste if the ideas are not practical.

Along with other elements, setting up an attractive shower space is an integral part of your remodeling.



When you plan to redesign your bathroom, there is so much lust-worthy content out there on the internet to inspire you for the shower remodeling. Just a search query on Google will show you an array of ideas, but all of them are not workable.

By adding exciting elements in your shower, that is both trendy yet easy to maintain, and you can wisely customize your shower design. We are going to put all of it in a nutshell for you. Let's see what the ideas for a gorgeously designed shower are:


The first decision you have to make is whether you want an open or an enclosed shower. Whatever you need, should be prioritized after considering many things, such as who uses the bathroom, privacy, bathroom space, and which room's bathroom it is.

Doorless showers are trending now more than ever before. Homestratosphere, after analyzing 1,091,000 bathrooms, concluded that 15.92% had open showers.

An open shower makes the bathroom look spacious and requires less cleaning (have got better things to do in life, no?). It looks like a spa, a feeling that you will love every time you enter the bathroom.

Yet, it is not a practical solution if you yearn for some privacy in the bath, especially if you have young kids who keep barging in. Also, not being enclosed will keep your shower a freezing place, so you should keep that in mind too.

If you plan to go for an enclosed shower, it has its types. Read on to know about them.


If you have less space, go for a quadrant enclosure as it will make the most out of a small corner.  It gives a sleek look to even the smallest bathroom. Mostly, a sliding door is used for a quadrant shower enclosure

Opted for 58.96% bathrooms according to Homestratosphere, a hinged door shower is ideal for large-sized bathrooms, as you need space for the door to open. It gives you a wide opening. On the other hand, a bifold shower door provides the same benefit but is workable in a small space where you don't have much room between the shower and other fixtures.

For a clean, modern look, go for a frameless enclosure as it will focus the other stylish things in your showers such as the beautiful fixtures, and tile designs.

You can even opt for beautiful shower curtains, as they will be a pocket-friendly option, giving you the same features as that of an enclosed walk-in shower. Plus, they are super-easy to clean as well.


Talk about shower remodeling, it would be a massive mistake to ignore walls and flooring. You do not want to go wrong with the walls and flooring of your shower. It is advisable to opt for material for the shower, which is invulnerable to water and easy to maintain.

Porcelain, stone, and ceramic are the most popular and suitable materials for shower walls. Other lesser popular options are limestone, pebbles, and mirror walls.

Flooring in the shower is one of the most crucial choices you will ever make, as it is the most fall prone area. Chose a slip-resistant flooring that is inclined toward the drain hole.

Natural stone is by far the best flooring option, given it is properly sealed. Other popular choices are mosaic, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, and the cast iron. Wood is also an option, and someone who lusts after a spa look can opt for it.


In the words of J.R.Rim, “I take showers to think.”

The place which gets you moving in the morning and where you unwind yourself after a long tiring day should not have a gloomy ambiance. The brighter, the better.

Along with setting the mood, good lighting also makes all the other elements in your shower properly visible.


You will need functional storage options to conveniently keep your soaps, shampoos, and loofas in the shower area. Either go for a hooked shelf in the wall or install a steel storage shelf that matches your fixtures. Along with that, you can get other accessories such as a footrest, a comfortable seating arrangement like a bench, and support bars.


Plenty of choices are available when it comes to showerheads. They vary in terms of sizes, shapes, spray patterns, and fixing styles.

The wall-mounted stationary style is a classic one. A hand shower, that is adjustable, allows a lot more convenience. Showerheads that are fixed on the ceiling allow a straight, rain-like flow that will cause fewer splashes on walls and doors. A contemporary style in the world of showerheads is the body spraying fixtures, which are fixed in a way to spray water from all angles, giving you a luxurious experience.

Choose the showerhead that excites you the most!


When you incorporate convenience with style, you get an ergonomic design. Incorporating ergonomic features in your shower will give you a lot more functionality, and you will not even have to compromise on your dream design.

Do not position your shower taps too close to the showerhead. Try placing them on the front faced wall instead, and you will not splash yourself with water as soon as you turn on the taps.

Install the towel rail at an arm’s length of your shower area. When you have to reach out for the towel, it won’t be so far away that to reach for it. It would significantly reduce the risk of slipping on the wet floor as well.

Having a seat to perch on to is a convenient solution for your shower area. Once you have it, you will be amazed at how often you use it.


Showering fun fact: Kevin McCarthy set a world record on the 12th April 1985 by completing a 341-hour shower at the Buffalo state college!

On the whole, it is up to you whether you want to set up a simple shower or an elaborate one. But, don't go for nonfunctional ideas for the sake of the look.

Take inspiration from sensible designs, plan wisely, and execute the remodeling carefully. After that, enjoy your new happy place for bathing!


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About Ashley Rosa: Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well.  She is crazy about chocolates. You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2.

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