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Utah may be the 13th largest state as measured by area, but a surprising 80% of Utahns live in the Salt Lake City area in a strip of land known as the Wasatch Front. The remainder of the state is made of a smattering of towns and gorgeous federally-owned land that is used for national recreation areas, forest, wilderness preserves or Utah State Trustland. Despite the relatively small area of land that has been settled in Utah, the state has one of the fastest growing populations in the nation. Although this growth is partly due to the large number of births in Utah it's bolstered by an influx of people moving to Utah. If you're among the state's hopefuls you can rest assured that you'll be able to find affordable and experienced Utah movers. Likewise, if you are looking to move homes within Utah you should make an effort to find the Utah moving company that will give you the best possible deal. Here are some money-saving secrets to help you get the best prices for your move to Utah.

  1. Get quotes from at least three Utah moving companies. Chances are that you try on at least three pairs of shoes before finding the one that offers the best fit for the best price... why shouldn't you be equally diligent when it comes to selecting Utah movers? By interviewing multiple Utah moving companies you'll have the ability to compare prices and services so that you can choose the complete package that best suits your needs. If you put your move information in the form above I'd be happy to put you in touch with Utah movers who can provide you with great rates on any size move. Don't forget to tell each mover exactly what services you need to make sure you get the most accurate price quote possible!
  2. Book your Utah movers early. A good way to secure a good price for any Utah movers is to book as early as possible. It's no secret that booking any Utah moving companies within a few days of your move will result in a significant price increase. But by booking your Utah movers early you'll give them the peace of mind that they'll have business, a comfort they're often willing to compensate customers for in the form of a discount.
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  4. Don't let the pros pack your stuff. It may sound odd, but having professional movers pack your stuff can be an extremely expensive and unnecessary expense. Starting early will help keep you under control during the busy time before your move. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of packing yourself, have friends or family help with the process. You'll save money on the packing supplies and the time that it would take the movers to pack up your boxes. Even if you're planning to pack on your own, you may want to have the pros pack your dishes and other fragile items to ensure that they are secure for the transport.
  5. Sell your stuff. Why pay your Utah movers to move things that you don't really need, want or love? Try to sell as much of your furniture as possible to defray the cost of the move or replacement of your furniture. You can also donate your old or unwanted clothing to charity to receive a tax deduction. Of course, if you can also gift some of your things to the friends who help with your move – this will make them feel appreciated and will reduce the load that you'll be taking.
  6. Move in the middle of the week. If you're moving within Utah, moving mid-week will likely be easier than you anticipate. Moving on Tuesday or Wednesday is usually significantly cheaper than moving towards the beginning or end of the week – but it can be equally enjoyable. On the one hand, you'll enjoy the weekend before your move a bit more knowing that you have a few more days to prepare. On the other hand, you'll enjoy your first weekend in your new home since you'll already be somewhat acclimated to your new environment.
  7. Leave the swing set behind. You may have paid hundreds of dollars for your swing set, but that doesn't mean it's worthwhile to take it with you. Not only is it physically difficult to dismantle a swing set, but it's also expensive to move it because it's cumbersome and heavy. See if you can sell it to the people moving into your home or to other people in the neighborhood who can transport it more affordably. If not, consider leaving it as a gift so that you don't incur the expense of moving to Utah with a swing set.
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