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Founded in: The 1830's

Population: Approx. 390,000

You may have heard of Tulsa as the city that Chandler Bing relocated to in season 9 of Friends, but if you're moving to Tulsa, you're probably looking for a view of the city that's slightly less comical and significantly more practical. Read the Tulsa moving guide below before you sign a contract with any Tulsa movers so that you'll have a better understanding of what you can expect from your moving experience and new life in Tulsa.

How to Choose the Right Tulsa Movers

Finding reliable Tulsa movers may be slightly more difficult than finding moving companies that serve other cities, mostly because Oklahoma doesn't have a unified association of movers which can start you off in the right direction. Still, there are ways to pinpoint exactly which Tulsa movers will be able to provide you with good service. Firstly, speak to people who have moved to Tulsa and listen to the stories of their experiences with different Tulsa movers. If this isn't possible, you can always look for reviews online. Keep in mind that online reviews tend to be negative, but this doesn't mean that all Tulsa movers are unreliable. Make sure to interview at least 3 Tulsa moving companies to see which ones put you at ease. Ask each Tulsa moving company if it can provide the specific services that you need so that you make sure you're receiving accurate quotes that can be easily compared. And, of course, don't choose your Tulsa movers based on price alone. Trust your feelings after meeting each Tulsa moving company so that you'll make a well-rounded, educated decision.

Cost of Living in Tulsa

The cost of living in Tulsa is 20.70 percent lower than the national average cost of living, which a significant point to consider if you're moving to Tulsa. Supporting this low cost of living are shockingly low housing costs, both for rentals and for purchasing homes. The average price of a home in Tulsa hovers around $103,000. Rental rates are equally affordable, with a 1-bedroom costing an average of $570/month and a 3+ bedroom home costing an average price of $900/month. If you're planning on purchasing a home remember that Tulsa is located in "Tornado Alley" so you may want to pay extra for homeowner's insurance to cover related damages.

Business Opportunities in Tulsa

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Unemployment in the city is under 8%, which is significantly lower than the national average percentage of unemployment. In other words, even if you don't have a job when you move to Tulsa, hopefully you'll be able to find one shortly after arrival. There are several employment sectors that are specifically prominent in Tulsa that are worth noting, including financial services, manufacturing, transportation and the oil industry. Many jobs have also been created as a result of the Vision 2025 program which strives to promote economic growth in the city since its economic collapse in the recession of the early part of the century.

Things to Do in Tulsa

Oklahoma may not be thought of as the hub of adventure, but there are actually a surprising number of things to do in Tulsa. The city offers frequent and diverse arts and cultural programs that include dance performances, symphonies and performing arts. If you prefer a more active form of entertainment you can take in a sports game hosted by one of the city's minor league sports teams or head outdoors to one of the city's 140 parks for a bike ride, hike or picnic. If your family comes for a visit, you can also take them to one of the annual fairs and festivals that are held throughout the year in the city. Actually, you can enjoy these events even if you don't have guests from out of town...

Whether you're moving to Tulsa as a family or as a single person in pursuit of a new life, you'll be amazed at the opportunities that abound in this popular city. Best of luck with your journey!

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