A Practical Guide to Moving to Seattle

Quick Facts

Founded on: November 13, 1851

Population: Approx. 602,000

If you're moving to Seattle, you'll probably be relieved to know, that most Seattle residents, aren't sleepless.

You'll probably also be thrilled to know, that despite the weather conditions portrayed in Grey's Anatomy, most of Seattle's rain, comes by way of drizzle, not via heavy downpours.

In fact, if you're moving to the 'Emerald City' (as Seattle is, sometimes, known), there are, probably, many things you didn't know, about this interesting place.

Prepare for your move here, by studying the information, below:

  • Seattle, has the highest percentage of residents, with a college degree, or higher. It's not entirely surprising, then, that the Seattle Public Library system, has the highest number of cardholders, per capita, than any other city, in the United States.
  • Seattle, is home to the world's first gas station, which opened, in 1907. Today, gas prices in the Seattle area, are about $3.89/gallon.
  • Seattle's lowest recorded temperature, is 0 degrees, Fahrenheit, while the hottest temperature recorded, was 100 degrees, Fahrenheit. The average daily temperature, is a pleasant 60 degrees, Fahrenheit.
  • Celebrities who used to live in Seattle include: Apollo Anton Ohno, Kenny G, and Jimi Hendrix.
  • Seattle's LGBT community, is only slightly smaller than, the parallel community, in San Francisco.
  • The average cost of a home, in Seattle, is about $422,000. Fortunately, there's no need to purchase a home, immediately, upon moving, there. You can rent a house, townhouse, condo, or apartment, for a rather reasonable fee, until you decide exactly which neighborhood, you want to settle down in.
  • Seattle's cost of living, is about 31% higher, than the national average. You'll -- hopefully -- be happy to know, that living in Seattle, is still not as expensive, as living in New York City, or Los Angeles.
  • Seattle's Pike Place Market, is a 9-acre shopping plaza, that offers fresh produce, fish, eateries, galleries, and shops. Not only can you find nearly everything you need, at Pike Place Market, but you can also enjoy countless hours of strolling, and experiencing all the area has to offer.
  • Seattle, hosts the headquarters of six Fortune 500 companies, including: Starbucks, Amazon, and Nordstrom's.
  • Microsoft, employs nearly 35,000 people, in the Seattle area.
  • Seattle, is geographically closer to Asia, than to Mexico (which is great news, if you're looking to go on an exotic vacation, at some point, after you move, there).
  • There are dozens of affordable Seattle moving companies. Choose one that is familiar with your new neighborhood, to ensure a smooth -- and successful -- relocation.
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