15 Fun Things to do in Sacramento

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Founded in: 1848

Population: Approx. 464,000 people

If you're planning a vacation in Sacramento, you'll probably want to check out all of the tourist attractions like visiting the Sacramento Kings at the Arco Arena or taking the Sutter Gold Mine Tour. You can learn about these attractions, of course, in any city guide book. But if you're moving to Sacramento, you'll be interested in other events, activities and places to go. You'll want to know what things to do in Sacramento on a typical weekend, a holiday or a day off. Fortunately, Sacramento has a lot to offer its residents by way of entertainment and leisure activities, and I've compiled a list of the top 15 things to do in Sacramento so that you'll never be bored in a spare minute.

  1. Take a walk through Old Sacramento - with museums, nightspots and riverfront eateries, this is a great place to hang out at any time of day.
  2. Check out a local farmer's market - Sacramento farmers cull a wide range of fresh produce that is available year-round at farmer's markets throughout the city.
  3. Take in a concert in the park - this concert series, located at the Cesar Chavez Place on 10th an J Streets, features local artists and runs from May 14-August 13th. The park opens a 4:30, but the action doesn't usually begin until after 6pm.
  4. A farmer's markets in Sacramento
    A farmer's markets in Sacramento
  5. Head over to Bistro 33 Midtown - if you're a night owl, you'll love this restaurant which is open until 3am.
  6. Go bowling at any time of day - Country Club Lanes are open 24/7.
  7. Take a Second Saturday Art Walk - on the second Saturday of every month, many of the city's art galleries are open late, and offer wine and snacks, as well as a look at the city's up and coming artists.
  8. Enjoy an outdoor theater experience at the Fair Oaks Theater Festival - past performances have included everything from Shakespeare to You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown.
  9. Stroll around the capitol - Sacramento's capitol district has fascinating (and beautiful) architecture. You can take a tour or simply enjoy a peaceful walk, while secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of California's uber-famous governor.
  10. Search for public works of art - Sacramento has over 600 pieces of public artwork that are displayed outdoors. Spend a few weekends searching out different pieces of art and photographing yourself in front of them to create a nice photo book.
  11. Visit the Pacific Rim Street Festival - held in Old Sacramento each May, this festival includes cultural presentations, miscellaneous vendors and interesting gastronomic opportunities representative of Asian and Pacific Island cultures.
  12. Explore Sacramento's 200 state parks - if you're moving to Sacramento, this will fill over 3 years of Saturdays!
  13. Join the Sacramento Zoo - the Sacramento Zoo has more than just animals, it has an Ice Cream Safari, a Zoo Ride, and multiple places to eat.
  14. Drive over to the Towe Auto Museum - with over 150 types of cars showcased in this museum, you'll definitely have a lot to see and enjoy. It may not be as thorough as Detroit's Henry Ford Museum, but it will surely provide hours of entertainment.
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