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Moving in and around Reno just got a whole lot cheaper and easier. Fill in the blanks above with details on what, when and where you want to move. After you click "compare and save," movers near you will get in touch and offer discounts of up to 55 percent. Get quotes from at least three companies before picking one for the job. This process saves you time that you could spend packing and planning.

A Bit About Reno

Reno's very affordable rents and real estate prices reflect the low cost of living, and you might find that moving costs run less here than in other parts of the country. Actually, many people move to Nevada's fourth most populous city from California, or vice versa. The city has been growing steadily over the years, and now has more than 220,598 people, while the greater metropolitan area has a population exceeding 420,000.

Perahps the close proximity of Lake Tahoe gives some hints about the weather in Reno – namely that the summers don't get as hot as what other parts of Nevada experience, and winters get colder. I don't think the temperatures get extreme enough to impact your move one way or another, but it still makes sense for you to pay attention to forecasts during the weeks leading up to your moving. I hope it goes well for you.

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