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Founded in: 1851

Population: Approximately 583,000 people

As the 29th most populous city in the United States, Portland has a lot to offer anyone moving to the area. In addition to having fantastic microbreweries, shopping venues and restaurants, Portland enjoys moderate temperatures and scenic landscapes. There's no question that if you're moving to Portland you'll have a lot to look forward to.

It is important, however, not to overlook the details of the move as you keep your eye on the big picture of life in Portland. Taking care to choose the right Portland movers, to research your housing options thoroughly and to be aware of the taxes that you'll be subject to in Portland will help your acclimation go as smoothly as possible. Check out the Portland moving guide below to get useful information that will help both before and after your arrival in Portland.

Choosing the Right Portland Movers

There's no question that Portland is located in a remote area of the country. To ensure that your Portland movers don't take advantage of your unfamiliarity with the area, you'll want to investigate multiple Portland moving companies and learn about their services and reputation from different sources. The first place to get credible information about potential Portland movers is from the Washington Trucking Association or the Washington Movers Conference. If you're feeling particularly fastidious, you can call both of these reputable organizations to get the scoop on potential Portland movers. It is equally important to speak to real people who have used the Portland moving company of your choice – while recommendations from a professional movers association is helpful, it doesn't entirely substitute for firsthand experiences.

Portland Housing Costs

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Portland has dozens of family-friendly neighborhoods to choose from, so you may want to consider renting upon arrival until you can experience each neighborhood in person. A 1-bedroom rental apartment in Portland costs about $900/month, while a 3+ bedroom home costs approximately $1200. While these prices certainly aren't the cheapest around, they are certainly more affordable than other large West Coast cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles or San Jose. The average cost to purchase a home in Portland is $257,000.

Portland Tax Rates

A significant benefit of moving to Portland (or even visiting the city) is that there is no sales tax on purchases as there is in most other areas. In other words, the price that you see on the item is the actual price that you pay. What's more, if you live in Portland you don't have to pay tax on items purchased online, even if they're shipping locally. If you ask me, that sounds almost too good to be true!

When negotiating your salary in Portland, however, you should be aware that Oregon has some of the highest personal income tax requirements in the country. The minimal income tax rate is 5% and the maximum income tax rate is 9%, for all income over $7,601.

Property tax in Portland varies by county but is approximately $13-$16 per $1000 of assessed land value.

Entertainment in Portland

Portland has entertainment opportunities that rival those in other cities, including hiking, museums, golf courses and five indoor skate parks. Portland also has multiple high-class shopping centers and a plethora of acclaimed restaurants. If you're looking for some interesting places to check out upon arrival try asking your Portland movers for their recommendations or asking neighbors for their opinions. You'll have plenty of time to check out all that Portland has to offer and to form your own opinions as well.

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