The Phoenix Moving Guide: Pros & Cons

Quick Facts

Founded in: 1868

Population: Approx. 1.5 million people

As a city nestled in the Sonoran Desert, there's no question that Phoenix has the warmest climate of any city in the United States. But its temperature isn't the only reason that Phoenix is a hot place to live - with 4 major league sports teams, exciting cultural events, a hopping nightlife and dozens of colleges to choose from, Phoenix offers a complete urban experience for those who secretly wish to live in the suburbs. Still, moving to Phoenix isn't always an easy decision. The cost of living in Phoenix is more than 4% higher than the national average cost of living, and there has been no significant job growth in Phoenix in the past 2 years. If you're seriously considering a move to Phoenix, here are some important factors to consider:


  1. The dry desert air is very soothing for people with a range of health ailments including arthritis and asthma, which is why many elderly people choose to move to Phoenix.
  2. If you're looking to build an environmentally-friendly home, you should certainly consider Phoenix. Moving to a place with such significant sun exposure can enable you to use solar energy for a variety of uses.
  3. Phoenix offers unparalleled outdoor recreation possibilities and approximately 300 sunny days a year in which you can enjoy your outdoor hobbies.
  4. Phoenix's crime rate is decreasing considerably each year, which is largely due to increasing diligence of the Phoenix police department.
  5. If moving to Phoenix will isolate you from friends and family, you're in luck; Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport is the 17th busiest airport worldwide, and offers non-stop flights to over 100 cities worldwide.
  6. Phoenix houses dozens of colleges and universities, offering fantastic opportunities for those who wish to pursue a higher education.
  7. Racing enthusiasts thinking of moving to Phoenix will appreciate that the city hosts 2 NASCAR events annually. Likewise, sports enthusiasts can enjoy major league hockey, baseball, football and basketball in Phoenix.
  8. Phoenix houses over 200 golf courses.
  9. Due to the recent economic slump, houses in Phoenix are currently at an all-time low. If you want to move to Phoenix, now may be a great time to buy. The median price of a home in the Phoenix area is about $166,000. In 2009, home appreciation values leveled around -25.80%.


  1. Temperatures can reach a high over 100 degrees for 3 consecutive months during the summer.
  2. Phoenix has been dubbed "The Brown Cloud" because its air is known to be extremely polluted.
  3. 25% of Phoenix residents do not have health insurance.
  4. Phoenix has the highest rate of kidnapping of all cities throughout the United States.
  5. Despite excellent recreation and fitness opportunities, Phoenix has been rated by Men's Fitness magazine as the 22nd fattest city nationwide.
  6. Phoenix has not offered inter-city train service since Amtrak stopped its Phoenix route in 1996.
  7. Until recently, construction was the most popular job in Phoenix. The economic downturn drastically impacted the construction industry, devastating the economy of Phoenix.

Once you've figured out where you plan on liThere is no 'best' way to decide whether or not you should relocate to Phoenix. Moving is always difficult and exciting, and you'll know whether the Valley of the Sun is right for you if the excitement outweighs the tension. If you determine that moving to Phoenix isn't ideal for you, you can always consider other warm cities such as San Diego, Tampa or Houston. If Phoenix will be your next home, enjoy the ability to move any time - with a 99% chance of sun, you'll have no problem relocating at any time of year.

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