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Quick Facts

Founded in: 1682

Population: Approx. 1.5 million people

Philadelphia may be called the 'City of Brotherly Love', but with a crime rate that is significantly higher than the national average crime rate, it's often hard to imagine just quite where that love lies. Still, if you're moving to Philadelphia, you'll be happy to know that not every neighborhood is threateningly dangerous. It's a good idea to research your options before you move to Philadelphia so that you'll sleep easy and securely. Here are some of the most popular Philadelphia neighborhoods:

  1. Center City - as its name suggests, Center City is a hub of energy and excitement. Prices in Center City aren't cheap, but you'll benefit greatly from the convenience of living in the heart of the action.
  2. South Philadelphia - in this part of town you'll find interesting things including Penn's Landing waterfront nightlife, the Philadelphia Sports Complex and a delicious food vending strip known as the Italian Market. This neighborhood is generally family-friendly, though there have been incidences of violence over the years. Prices are rather reasonable, which just provides one more reason why moving to south Philadelphia is a good option.
  3. Manayunk and Chestnut Hill - you can probably tell by the yuppie names of these neighborhoods that they're a bit more upscale (ahem, more expensive) than other Philadelphia neighborhoods. But if price can guarantee security, you'll have nothing to worry about in these semi-suburban parts of town.
  4. Fairmount - rumor has it that Girard street in the Fairmount neighborhood isn't the safest place to live, but that if you're living across town, you'll be living in a much safer area. As it happens, Fairmount Park is the world's largest urban park, and it provides endless leisure activities including museums and botanical gardens.
  5. University City - you don't need to have a college diploma to understand that this neighborhood is extremely popular with the younger crowd. Rent is extremely affordable thought there have been some incidents of student-related violence. It may not be an ideal neighborhood if you're moving to Philadelphia with a family, but if you're single, this neighborhood interesting social opportunities.

Philadelphia has multiple professional sports teams that provide entertainment opportunities for both families and individuals. The city also hosts several yearly sports events including the Philadelphia Marathon and the Philadelphia International Championship Bicycle Race. Alternatively, if you consider shopping as a sport, you'll find plenty of great venues in Philadelphia. From Jewelers' Row to The Gallery at Market East, the city is filled with upscale shopping opportunities, high-end boutiques and specialty stores. If you're looking to take a break from the tedium of unpacking (or to explore your new city once you're settled in), don't hesitate to check out the shopping, or to take a tour of the city to get an enhanced appreciation for your new city. Philadelphia has food tours, duck tours (which travel on land and water), historical tours and bus tours. You may feel like a tourist, but taking a professional tour is a great way to get to know the city without having to worry about parking.

Philadelphia ranks among the top most financially successful cities in America, which is encouraging if you're moving to Philadelphia to pursue a job. As a national center of law, a hub of medical services, the host to several Fortune 500 companies and a prominent tourist attraction, Philadelphia offers one of the most diverse job pools available. And, the city's cost of living is about 7% lower than the national average, making it an affordable option if you want to live in a large East Coast city without paying New York City's premium prices on a regular basis.

Good luck on your move to Philadelphia - although it's normal to be nervous, it's clear that you're moving to a city that has a lot to offer, and hopefully your transition will be quick, painless and successful.

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