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Quick Facts

Founded in: 1854

Population: Approx. 439,000 people

Omaha, Nebraska may sound like a hick town, but with five Fortune 500 companies, four Fortune 1000 companies and an economy that is thriving while the rest of the country suffers through a recession, Omaha is definitely proving that what it lacks in population it makes up for in ambition. If you're moving to Omaha you've got a lot to look forward to. In addition to the city's stable economy, Omaha is the home to the world's largest indoor rain forest (the Lied Jungle) and a dizzying array of shopping possibilities and art galleries. But in order to make sure that your move to Omaha is both successful and enjoyable, you'll need to plan for more than just your leisure time in your new city. Follow this Omaha moving guide to discover the beauty of living in Omaha with as few complications as possible.

Choosing Omaha Movers

Because of Omaha's relatively central location within the United States, moving to Omaha from most areas should be relatively affordable. Still, you'll want to thoroughly research several Omaha movers before settling on the one that will ultimately move your belongings. If you've never hired a moving company before or haven't moved in a while you may want to remember that while price is certainly important, it isn't the only factor to consider when evaluating quotes from different Omaha moving companies. You'll also want to consider the trustworthiness of each candidate and the company's reputation. Check with the local Better Business Bureau (BBB) to ascertain whether the Omaha movers of your choice have any grievances launched against them (or, while unlikely, whether they have any positive feedback on file). Make sure to book your Omaha movers early so that you'll have one less thing to worry about and so that you'll be certain that they'll be available on the date of your choosing.

Cost of Living in Omaha

Another important way to prepare yourself for moving to Omaha is to know what financial obligations you'll have upon arrival. It may help to know that the cost of living in Omaha is about 19% lower than the national average cost of living, and that the average cost to purchase a home in Omaha is about $114,000, which is comparable to the cost of homes in Oklahoma City and substantially more affordable than homes located in the neighboring state of Texas or on either the east or west coasts of the country. Renting a home in Omaha costs an average of $670/month for a 1-bedroom apartment and $1060/month for a 3+ bedroom home. Still, if you're not sure whether moving to Omaha is right for you (or you haven't picked out a long-term community yet), you may want to rent before purchasing a home in the area.

Omaha Weather

Although people do move to Omaha all year round, you should be aware that the city is prone to extreme weather conditions which may make it difficult (or even risky) to move to Omaha during certain times of year. The city is especially humid, with an average humidity of 81% year round. Consequently, you should check with your Omaha movers that they will not be leaving the moving truck outside for extended periods of time, as the humidity has been known to damage items. It may also help you to know that May, June and September are generally the rainiest months of the year, so you may want to schedule your move for other times in order to avoid potentially uncomfortable rain fall on moving day. Likewise, Omaha is prone to heavy snow, so you may want to think twice before scheduling your move to Omaha during January, which is the coldest month.

Omaha may not be the home to any major league sports teams, but it does host the College World Series annually. And, of course, Omaha has dozens of interesting attractions which make tourism an extremely important part of the city's culture and economy. When moving to Omaha, don't spend too much time wishing for your old big-city days – with so much to do and so many employment opportunities, moving to Omaha may turn out to be the best decision you've ever made.

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