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Looking to save money on your Newark movers? You've come to the right place. Just tell me a bit about your move and I'll gladly connect you with some of the best Newark movers – all of whom will be willing to offer you a substantial discount just because you're my friend. Whether you're moving to Mount Pleasant in Newark's North Ward or University Heights in the Central Ward, I can help. Likewise, if you're moving to any nearby neighborhoods like Clifton, Springfield or South Orange, I'll know movers who can help you get to your destination for the lowest possible price.

A Bit About Newark

Compared to New York, Newark has lower prices and increased availability of real estate, and that can translate into more affordable movers and greater ease in scheduling a move date. Located eight miles west of Manhattan, New Jersey's biggest city has a population of 281,402 living in about 91,382 households. An important thing to keep in mind while moving: This urban area has a high crime rate – within the top 25 worst in the country, depending on which ranking you look at. So at the very least, plan on watching the moving truck while the loading and unloading takes place. When you're comparing different moving companies in the area, inquire about what kinds of security measures might be included in the moving services offered.

As long as you make good preparations for the move, things ought to work out well for you on moving day. I wish you the best of luck with moving.

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