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Located somewhat centrally in the continental United States, Missouri is one of the few states that borders on eight other states. And yet, the excitement of having multiple neighboring states to visit might be tempered by the fact that Missouri has no oceans or mountains to visit within close range. The good news, however, is that a relatively flat land surrounding Missouri should make it easy for Missouri movers to approach your new home, no matter where in the state it lies. If you're thinking about moving to Missouri, it's worthwhile to take a moment to familiarize yourself with the area so that you'll have the upper hand when negotiating with potential Missouri movers. Here are five other ways to save on your Missouri moving expenses without compromising on the quality of your Missouri movers:

  1. Move in the fall or spring. Your Missouri movers will likely charge more money for moves in the summer as most people prefer to move when their children are out of school. What your Missouri movers won't tell you, however, peak travel season in Missouri is also in the summer and winter holiday season, so not only is moving to Missouri in the summer more expensive, but if you're traveling by air, you'll also pay a premium to fly to Missouri in the summer months. A great way to reduce these moving expenses is to move during the fall or spring when travel to Missouri is cheaper and Missouri moving companies are eager to make deals that will ensure them business. If you're nervous about your child's adjustment, don't be – many children actually appreciate the opportunity to move in the middle of the school year so that they won't get lost in the madness that comes with the start of a new school year.
  2. Move midweek. Moving midweek is a little known secret that can help save you a good deal of money on your Missouri moving expenses. Most people prefer to move before the weekend so that they can be unpacked and ready for life by the next work week. Others prefer to move at the beginning of the week so that they can take full advantage of the weekend for their last minute moving needs. If you're organized, however, you should be able to move on a Tuesday or Wednesday without taking too many days off work. Pack a few days worth of clothing and toiletries into your carry-on bag and use these items to tide you over until the weekend when you can unpack in peace without missing work. Don't be afraid to get takeout food (most people do this during the course of a move even when they move on weekends) – even with this expense you'll still be saving money as compared to the cost of moving at a different time in the week. And, of course, remember that if your Missouri movers are delayed on a midweek move you may have the added benefit of moving in during the weekend without paying for it. If your Missouri moving company is delayed for your move at the end of the week, chances are good that you'll wind up getting your shipment midweek anyway.
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  4. Shop around. There's no question that shopping around takes time, but earning money is time consuming as well, so why waste your money by overpaying on your Missouri movers? A good way to make sure you're getting a fair price is to interview (in person) representatives from at least three Missouri moving companies. These interviews will give you a feel for the reliability of each moving company and will give you the peace of mind that you're not overpaying. You can also use different moving quotes to negotiate with the Missouri movers of your choice to ensure that you're getting the best deal possible for the services that you want.
  5. Insure your move. Purchasing moving insurance sounds more expensive than not purchasing it, but at the end of the day, the cost of moving insurance is negligible as compared with the cost of replacing lost or damaged items entirely on your own. If necessary, choose a cheaper Missouri moving company than you were planning and use the money you've saved to pay for the best moving insurance that you can.
  6. Pack your own items. It's very convenient to have your movers pack up your belongings, but you'll be paying top dollar for this service. Likewise, if you rely on your moving company to provide packing materials you'll likely be overpaying for these supplies. Instead of paying your Missouri movers to pack things that you can easily pack, plan on starting your move early and leaving yourself enough time to do the job yourself. Your wallet will thank you.
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